Bible Studies Calendar

The Voice of Healing Church offers many online Bible Studies throughout the week, that can be attended by Zoom.

In order to be eligible to attend these Bible Studies, you must first attend an online Orientation. After attending the Orientation, you will be giving a link where you can view the calendar and register for the these Bible Studies.

If you have not attended an Orientation session yet, you can sign up here:

If you have already attended an Orientation, but did not receive a link to the calendar of available Bible Studies, please send a request to:

Classes Hierarchy:
The classes must be taken in sequence. In order to advance to the next section of the classes, the student must complete the previous classes.

Beginner Bible Studies:
1. Old Testament BTS-101 (6-month course)
2. Basic Aleph Bet BTS-102 (can be taken with OT or NT)
3. New Testament BTS-103 (6-months course)
4. Advanced Aleph Bet BTS-104
5. Basic Tabernacle and the feasts BTS-105
6. Symbolism BTS-106
7. Basic Mitzvot BTS-107

Student must complete the previous class to proceed on to the next class.