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Scripture tells us Elijah will come to prepare the way for the
second coming of Jesus. Read what the Early Church taught this would look like.


Are we saved by simply saying a prayer and believing in Jesus, or
do we play a greater role in our salvation?


Fasting plays an integral part of a Christians life. In the early
church fasting was not seasonal, it was a lifestyle.


Is simply saying ‘sorry’ enough? Our forefathers knew
repentance was an ongoing process. Click to find out what the Early Church believed.

The Law

Is the Law done away with or not? Find out what the Early Church
believed concerning the difference between the letter and the spirit of the Law.


The Early Church believed so strongly in the resurrection, that
they were willing to die for it.

Apostolic Order

The Apostle Paul warned the church to withdraw from all who
walked counter to the order and traditions established by Jesus. Order was set within the church to preserve true doctrine.


Jesus and His disciples warned us that false teachers would
continue to rise in the church, at the end of the age. How did the Early Church discern truth from falsehood?

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