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Cristianos, ¿VOTARON por los ELEGIDOS o la BESTIA?

¿Importó tu voto? Pronto habrá una revelación para los cristianos que votaron con los elegidos de Dios, mientras que otros lo hicieron por la bestia. Esto tiene mucho que ver con las agendas detrás de la boleta y pronto veremos quién ha estado trabajando detrás de escena. Descubra la seriedad de esta temporada cuando el Apóstol Michael Petro lanza un mensaje profético sobre las implicaciones de las recientes elecciones y lo que eso significa en el reino de Dios. 

An Interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel

Watch this groundbreaking interview of special guest Dr. Stella Immanuel. Listen as she ministers and discuss the Corona Virus and other diseases from both a medical and spiritual perspective.

The Voice of Healing Radio

Join Apostle Michael Petro every Saturday evening for The Voice of Healing Radio broadcast. VOH Radio brings in-depth understanding of the scriptures prophetically, rich revelation of the Early Church Apostolic Fathers and biblical interpretation of the biggest news and political stories of our day.

Just Released | Robin Martyr "Look Inside"

Look Inside is the first exclusive track from Robin Martyr’s highly anticipated second album titled The Hexapla EP releasing this fall featuring Christian Hip Hop Artist H.U.R.T.The EP consists of other major features such as Kingdom Muzic Records Artist Antwoine Hill, God’s House of Hip-Hop Radio Curator and Stellar/Spin Award Winner Emcee N.I.C.E., as well as Miami’s CCM Artist Shekitra Starke.

Passover 2020

Tune into this full teaching as Apostle Michael reveals the spiritual significance of Passover and how current world events expose where we are on God’s timeline. Discover how the preparation of the Pesach lamb in Israel parallels with the events in the book of Revelations and what the true sacrifice is. Blessings.

The Early Church Fathers

Welcome to our Ante-Nicene Fathers portion where we show a greater depth of what they believed and taught, as passed down to them by the Apostles. Here, we will see how the Early Church addressed topics that many current denominations debate about.

Service Livestream

During the season of COVID-19, service will be held via livestream on our Video on Demand.  Not signed up yet? Subscribe to our platform to learn the deeper things of the Word of God, featuring Apostle Michael Petro!

Fire Coming From Heaven | Deborah Waldron Fry

“I saw Fire coming from heaven, like Lightning. I saw prophetic words “riding” on these bolts of Lightning.  We’re hitting the earth like an atom bomb. Every place that these prophetic words were released, the Fire of God, His Dunamis Power exploded and spread out. It was God’s Glory.”  Deborah W Fry In Apostle Michael […]

Judah Ben Samuel | Ten Year Jubilee Prophecy

          Rabbi Judah ben Samuel (1140-1217) was born in Speyer, Germany. He was also known as Judah He-Hasid or Judah the Pious, who lived in the 12th and 13th century in Regensburg, Germany, and consecrated his life to God. He was one of the fathers of Chassidei (Hassidic Judaism), a movement of Jewish mysticism […]

Veronika West | The Lord is shaking the nation’s

    With the globalist/one-world agenda continuing to gain traction across the globe; some nations have shown some resistance to its plots and schemes. The rise of big government and cultural marxism has seen a strong push for globalism, which entails a coercive effort to remove God from the political, social and cultural spheres. With the […]

Veronika West | No Longer Will the Ekklesia Tolerate Works of Jezebel

    Jezebel has long been at work to undermine the Spirit of God. In the book of Kings, Jezebel was a Phoenician princess married to King Ahab, her hatred of God’s prophets was widely known. As a worshipper of Baal, she brought in the worship of false gods and teachings of false prophets. She saw […]

The Life of an Intercessor – Doris Brown

Doris Brown is an intercessor and leader at the Voice of Healing Church in Murrieta, CA. She was raised in the church system and was ordained as a pastor. Being a pastor she had a greater hunger and a greater thirst for the move of the Father. She was in a group that helped single […]

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Hanukkah, also called the Festival of Lights, commemorates Jewish victory over Syrian oppression and the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem around 165 BCE. [1] But is this holiday only a celebration acknowledging Jewish history? You will be shocked to discover that the traditions surrounding this holiday, as well as the season in which it takes place, actually echoes something so important for all Christians to understand. There is a deep spiritual and prophetic significance surrounding this festival, and it is crucial for all in the Body of Christ to know what that is.

Christ & Mass

When Jesus was born, He taught what His birth meant for Christians. Jesus was born in the flesh, so that we could be born again in Spirit. [1] Despite these different origins of Christmas, many may say, “We celebrate these things for Jesus!” As Christians, a question to reflect on is: Do I want to know the fullness of why Jesus was born or focus on the traditions of other gods? Jesus never commanded to take pagan rituals and attempt to transform them for other purposes.


We live in a world that is increasingly fostering the ideology of self-importance. Even what may seem to be good and for the benefit of others, like giving to the poor, albeit a good act, can still have an undertone of self-interest. An old friend once said to me something along the lines of “No-one can truly be selfless, with completely no gratification on our part. Even when we help others, give our time, our money, etc, we still get a good feeling from it.” Intrigued by this statement, it has stuck with me for years. Is there such a thing as true selflessness, in a world that indulges in self-gratification? How far have we fallen from the selflessness Jesus exhibited on the cross?


Good Works

As Christians it is imperative that we understand the difference between good works (works of the spirit) and works of the flesh. Otherwise, we can easily be deceived into thinking that we do not play a part in our salvation. Showing us the importance of works, James 2:17 said: “faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead”, and the Apostle Paul stated “without faith, it is impossible to please God” (Hebrews 11:6). Why then, is there a common misbelief amongst many Christians, that works do not matter?

Walking with God

In the Gospel of Matthew we read the account of a rich young man questioning Jesus concerning salvation and perfection. After a shocking witness to Jesus’ reply to the rich man, the disciples replied with astonishment “Who then can be saved [from eternal death]? (Matthew 19:25), to which Jesus responded “with men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God.” (Matthew 19:26). 

A drug addict cries out to the Lord and the sovereignty of God becomes real to him.

Dylan is a former drug addict who has been rehabilitated by the revelation of who God is. He knew there was something in him that needed a change within his mind, body and soul. Dylan tried everything he could to numb that feeling. He had realized this was not who God was calling him to be and he fell in love with the truth and the truth set him free.

A 15 Year old boy rejects the diagnosis of a doctor and receives healing from the Lord.

Damian, a high school football player, refused the diagnosis the doctor gave him on his broken toes. Instead, he chose to look to the Lord for his healing. Damian knew the Lord was and is capable of changing any situation, regardless of what a doctor or any man says. He understood the image of God is not broken and he decided to believe it and walk in this Truth.

In my search for truth, I found Jesus: This is what I now know

Jo did not have any religious or church upbringing but an encounter with the Lord as a child left her with a question, “What is the meaning of life?”. Once she had the opportunity, she went on a two to three years quest to find the truth. She knew deep within that there was more to this life than to eat, sleep, and die. After trying other outlets, she soon found that Jesus was the truth which she discovered was exactly what was missing in her life.

A true healing from skin cancer brought forth by being in the Lord’s presence.

A true healing from skin cancer brought forth by being  in the Lord’s presence. Greg attended teachings at the Voice of Healing and went deeper into studying the unveiled Word that was being released. He saw that he had to deal with inward issues that affected his soul. He saw where he was with the Lord and allowed the Lord to make the changes on the inside. As he began to obtain his inner healing, he shortly realized the changes began to outwardly manifest.

Deidre Yaeger Healed of Scoliosis

The Lord miraculously healed Deidre Yaeger of scoliosis.  A full-time nurse working long hours, has cried out to the Lord for healing and restoration within herself, but it was through the Word, the revelation of the Word…

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