• Prophet Gustavo Páez is a Social Communicator from UNAD and has two doctorates related to his work as a Christian Pastor. The first is in Theology and Biblical Exposition from California Christian University, and the second in Religious Sciences from the Anglican Catholic University of England.
  • Paéz has been the pastor of the central headquarters of the Oasis Praise Center since 1997. This congregation has between 3,000 and 4,000 faithful members, and is the axis of a network that integrates 150 smaller churches throughout the country. Prophet Gustavo Páez is an international speaker on issues related to restoration and the family as the fundamental nucleus of a nation and leads initiatives against the legalization of abortion in Colombia.
  • In 2004, he was elected to the Bogotá Council with the endorsement of the Christian Union Movement (MUC). Its strongest initiative during this period was the monitoring and support program for families affected by intrafamily violence, supported by the Administrative Department of Social Welfare. Páez also had Family Day established.
  • Instagram: @apgustavopaez    Twitter: @apgustavopaezm
If you want to support what he is doing, you can give directly to his ministry via Zelle.