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Saludos a Los Santos

Querido PADRE CELESTIAL,  Te agradecemos por esta temporada, este lugar y las situaciones físicas en las que nos encontramos. Estamos agradecidos de que podamos existir físicamente en TU temporada espiritual, en …
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El Espíritu Busca las Cosas Profundas

Como cristianos, conocer al Espíritu Santo es vital para nuestro caminar con Jesús. De hecho, no podemos tener uno sin el otro, porque el Espíritu Santo es uno con Jesús, …
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CRISTO, La Solución

A medida que nos acercamos a finales de 2021, vemos que se desarrolla un tema común, tal como lo hemos visto en años anteriores. La tradicional Resolución de Año Nuevo. …
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Él Da y Él Quita

“El Señor dio y el Señor quitó”. (Job 1:21) Antes de entrar en el ministerio de La Voz de Sanidad, en mi ignorancia, siempre percibí este versículo como un castigo. …
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Cuatro Cámaras

Dos arriba y dos abajo batiendo como uno. Hola a todos. Hay cuatro cámaras en el corazón humano, y decir que es una “bomba complicada, biomecánica y eléctrica” es un …
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The Early Church

Cultivating Virtue

Do you know that the Word of God requires action on our part to bear the virtue of Christ in our lives?
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Strength of Soul

Do you see, God is always at work? Though we face persecution each day, our soul is being strengthened through every affliction.
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The Art of Healing

The art of healing goes far beyond a physical miracle, it is an intricate process that our soul must go through.
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Revelation = Manifestation

Every revelation is a manifestation of Christ’s nature within us. If we aren’t changing, do we really have revelation?
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Forgive, so you can be forgiven

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34) was the cry of Christ toward those who crucified Him. If forgiveness was the heart cry of …
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Featured Prophecies

Nate Johnson

    After his recent prophetic dream, Nate Johnson has released the following specific mandates for the church: Pack the heavens over Roe vs Wade – as we are at a tipping pointPray …
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A cry for ‘Texit’ – Tomi Arayomi

    “In the Spirit, the Lord showed the word ‘Texit’, and it looked similar to ‘Brexit’, a word we know in the UK.” ~Tomi Arayomi This prophetic word is about Texas talking …
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Healing Testimonies

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Eye of The Storm

It is possible to have peace in the midst of the chaos within our soul. The rest comes through divine knowledge of the mind of Christ.
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He Gives and He Takes Away

“The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.” (Job 1:21) Prior to coming into The Voice of Healing ministry, in my ignorance, I always perceived this verse as a …
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Rapture or Glory?

https://youtu.be/j2sZixF-Vzg Scripture tells us that we will meet Christ in the clouds; does this mean the church is going to be raptured or taken? If we look at God’s pattern, we …
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Transformation of the Mind

https://youtu.be/4OF8F1Fmse8 Many have accepted a lie that we can never be like God, however, His Word tells us that we were made in His image and likeness. He created that image …
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The 3rd and 7th Day

https://youtu.be/7XgFEFiQyxk Certain numbers are prominent throughout the scriptures as a way of revealing a symbolic meaning. God uses His feasts, the temple, and the days of creation to bring a spiritual …
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Topic: Temple Theology

The True Jew in Us

The word revelation in Greek is apocalypse. Apocalypse means to remove the veil. This veil being removed is the veil going into the holy of holies. So when we have …
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The Tabernacle

https://youtu.be/ZqwEUnnxrs0 In the book of Exodus, God instructed Moses to build a sanctuary or tabernacle so that He might dwell among them. The word tabernacle means a dwelling place for God. …
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The DNA of God

https://youtu.be/krtInPx3BDc Every living organism contains Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) within its cells; it is the carrier of genetic information. The DNA of the father and mother are passed down to the children, …
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Topic: Heresies

El Verdadero Jesús

Si alguien te preguntara quién es Jesús, ¿cómo responderías? ¿Es un maestro profético, un sanador, un pastor o el Hijo de Dios? La Palabra nos dice que Él es todas …
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The Real Jesus

If someone were to ask you who Jesus is, how would you respond? Is He a prophetic teacher, a healer, a shepherd, or the Son of God? The Word tells …
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Topic: Eschatology

Elías Vendrá Primero

Elías que vino a preparar a los santos y restaurar todas las cosas, antes de la segunda venida de Cristo (Mateo 4:11, Malaquías 4: 5), no es un concepto que …
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