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15 Year Old Nathan about the End Times

In 2016, a Jewish boy named Natan experienced clinical death and had an encounter with God. He was described as one who had not gone through yeshivah (Orthodox Jewish schooling) and would not have known of any biblical prophecies. Natan describes how he had an encounter where judgments were being made based on the deeds done here on earth which decide one’s eternal fate. He then goes on to describe that in heaven, things are known that otherwise would not be known. He continued that heaven is a place of revelation and unlimited knowledge. So with that, he knew that the end times are here and that this was a time where we would see End time prophecy unfold before the redemption. At the same time of Natan’s heavenly experience we saw a prophetic display in our ministry where Pastor Michael Petro began to declare, “It is time for the final sealing”. We have seen many things spoken about in this prophecy take place and we are also seeing the confirmations unfold which point to an end time revival. Watch Natan’s account of his experience in heaven for more insight on where we are in history.

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