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18 Places in the Nation of America


Veronika West recently released a word concerning 18 places in the nation of America, and while she said she didn’t have full revelation on the particulars of those specific places, she believes the Lord will reveal it in due time. 

Those 18 places were: New York, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Michigan, Arizona, California, Florida, Alaska, Georgia, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Nevada, Wisconsin, Texas, Nashville, Ohio, Nebraska, and Kansas. Each place was given a specific word and mandate from the Lord in this season. 

We are not going to touch on each place, so encourage you to read the full prophetic word in the link below. Our main focus will be to look at the word for Texas which not only confirms multiple other words spoken over the state, but is also set to be the new media headquarters for the VOH ministry.

In her vision West said, 

“I saw Texas with deep wells filled with The Oil of Revival and Restoration for The Healing of the Nations; a land that has been sealed and set apart by God. Texas, a state that has been divinely handpicked as a Forerunner State for Kingdom Reformation, Transformation and Change, Texas shall become a Trumpet for Truth and Righteous Rule and Freedom.” [1]

West said she saw Texas as a place having deep wells filled with the oil of revival and restoration for the healing of the nations. Texas has been rated as the top producing energy state in the nation, leading with oil, wind, and natural gas. 

“The Texas oil and natural gas industry is a cornerstone of our state economy, generating a direct GDP of $278 billion per year and supporting more than 2.3 million Texas jobs,” said Ed Longanecker, president of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO). [2]

While there is a belief we need foreign countries to supply our oil and natural gas production, the fact is that Texas could sustain the United States with their reserves:

  • Texas is the top crude oil and natural gas producing state in the nation. In 2020, Texas accounted for 43% of the nation’s crude oil production and 26% of its marketed natural gas production.
  • The 31 petroleum refineries in Texas can process almost 5.9 million barrels of crude oil per calendar day, which was 31% of the nation’s refining capacity as of January 2020.
  • Texas leads the nation in wind-powered generation and produced about 28% of all U.S. wind-powered electricity in 2020. Wind power surpassed the state’s nuclear generation for the first time in 2014 and produced more than twice as much electricity as the state’s two nuclear power plants combined in 2020. [3]

What are these deep wells full of oil that are mentioned? The word “well” in Hebrew is the word Baar, which means to declare, make plain or letters on a tablet. [4] What do letters on a tablet have anything to do with wells of oil?

Paul said,

“you are an epistle of Christ, written not by ink but by the Spirit of God, and not on tablets of stone but on the flesh/heart” (2 Co 3:3). Just as we are the temple of God (1 Co 3:16),

we are supposed to be wells that carry the water of life for others to come and drink from. 

In the book of Genesis, it says that Isaac re-dug out the wells that his father Abraham had established, after the Philistines had filled them up with earth.

 “And Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of Abraham his father, for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham; and he gave them the names by which his father had called them. Now Isaac’s servants dug in the valley and found there a well of living [spring] water” (Gen 26:18-19).

Let’s look at Origen, one of the most extensive writers and early church fathers, to see the deeper meaning behind Isaac and the wells he dug. 

“Philistines hate water and love earth. What kind of earth? With carnal feelings and earthly thoughts, and have borne the “image of what is earthly”. Isaac loves water; he is constantly looking for wells; he cleans out old ones and opens up new ones….he wants to renew the wells of the Law and Prophets which the Philistines had filled with earth. Who are they who fill wells with earth? They are without doubt those who put an earthly and fleshly understanding on the Law and block up its spiritual and mystical meaning so that they neither themselves drink nor allow others to drink.” [5]

While we know water is the revelation (Deut 32:2); these oils are filled with oil. Oil is the anointing; kings and priests were anointed with oil to be consecrated (set apart) as God’s chosen ones. The oil is also the breath/spirit; the Holy Spirit is the teacher and counselor (Jn 14:26) who teaches us the deep things (mysteries) of the Word of God (1 Co 2:10). The oil is therefore the teachings that open up the Word of God to us so we become anointed ones (consecrated and set apart). Another name for anointed is Mashiach, which is where we get the word Christ or Messiah. [6] To call ourselves Christians, we are saying we are anointed with the oil of revelation. Do you have the oil in your well?

Those who fill up the wells with earth are those who can’t see the spiritual meaning, but only see the Word of God in a literal sense. God cannot be with people who prefer earth in their wells instead of water. He cannot be with those who can’t see the revelation of Christ, which is His nature. God is all light, He cannot dwell in darkness, or in our ignorance. He comes to bring illumination to those dark places. God is looking for the ones who will remove the fleshly thinking, circumcise their hearts, in order to understand the Scriptures and bring about a restoration back into His Glory. Origen continues opening the mystery of the wells by saying,

“But now because Isaac [Christ] has come, let us accept his coming and dig our wells, let us throw the earth out of them, let us purify them of every dirty thing and from all worthless and worldly thoughts, and we will find them that “living water”, of which the Lord speaks: “He who believes in me, rivers of living water will flow from his body” (Jn 7:38). [7]

Out of these wells comes “living water”, or the river of living waters. Revelation 22:2 says on either side of the river was the tree of life, and the leaves were for the healing and restoration of the nations (ref Rev 22:2). We have to be going back into the garden in order to be the river that gives life and heals the nations. We must be going back into the glory that Adam once walked in. And the way back into the garden is through the cherubim with the flaming swords (ref  Gen 3:24). Through the understanding of the mysteries, or the revelation, the anointing oil, we find the way into the garden. 

“Each one of us who ministers to the word of God digs a well and searches for living water with which to refresh his hearers. If therefore I too begin to analyze the sayings of the Old Testament and to search for their spiritual meaning, if I will try to take away the veil of the Law…I will indeed be digging wells. And as you see so many great mysteries hidden in the divine scriptures, you are making progress in understanding, you are making progress in the spiritual perception of things. You yourselves will also begin to be teachers and “rivers of living water” will flow from you.” -Origen 

Texas has been picked as a Forerunner to bring Kingdom reformation, transformation, and change. We have provided a link below with another prophetic word confirming Texas, in which Toni Arayomi says,

“Texas, the Lord says, “I will make you the elder of the States, and you shall go first in righteousness…I will sign with my hand, treaties and covenants that will make you a sentinel and from you I will hold the US accountable.” [8] 

Texas will be an elder, a forerunner in righteousness, one who goes before others to lead the way of transformation. We already see Texas has been a leader in this nation against the unlawful Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates as the Governor has outlawed any entity in Texas from mandating vaccines for employees. [9] Texas led the way in opening the state after the nationwide lockdown that took place last year, as an attempt to restart the economy, watching many other states follow their lead. 

It seems fitting if Texas is the leader in oil (symbolic of anointed teaching) production in our nation, to lead the way in righteousness (those who have a right understanding of the Divine Scriptures). There must be a correct understanding of revelation in order to bring about transformation. As Paul said,

“And have clothed yourselves with the new [spiritual self], which is [ever in the process of being] renewed and remolded into [fuller and more perfect knowledge upon] knowledge after the image (the likeness) of Him Who created it” (Col 3:10 AMP). 

West said Texas will be a trumpet for Truth, Righteous Rule, and Freedom. How will a state become a trumpet? In Isaiah, he said ‘lift up your voice like a trumpet’, meaning the trumpets are the prophetic voices declaring the word of the Lord. The word trumpet comes from the Hebrew word for shofar, which is a ram’s horn. The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon Bible, speaks of something bright, as in a bright, beautiful sight or sound. [10] Darkness has once again covered the earth, but the Light is getting ready to come. We are about to witness Isaiah 60 coming to pass:

“Arise! Shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!”

Over a century ago, a man by the name of Charles Parham was leading the way of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, what became the Pentecostal movement, in Houston, Texas at the Houston Bible School. William Seymour, an African-American pastor, was led to the meetings, but due to the Jim Crow laws, Seymour was only allowed to sit in the other room to hear the message. He eventually left and went to Los Angeles, CA, and soon a powerful wave of the Spirit broke out in a warehouse on Azusa Street. A major revival was taking place as people began driving for miles to attend the meetings that were filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, which saw many speaking in tongues and healing miracles. 

“Seymour believed that healing and miracles were a part of the Pentecostal experience and to be expected where the presence and power of God were moving. Amazing healings and miracles regularly occurred at the Azusa Street Mission during the outpouring. A September 1906 sermon listed the four foundational teachings of salvation, sanctification, physical healing based on the atonement, and being filled by the Holy Spirit.”[11]

The Voice of Healing Ministry, which was previously Forerunner Ministries Intl., has purchased a large facility in Houston, TX, following the word spoken to Apostle Michael Petro over 15 years ago. There is a mass exodus taking place as people of California are fleeing the mandates and persecution looking for opportunity in states that have much more freedom. Talks have even begun of Texas seceding from the Union, which would confirm the word from the Lord about putting the ministry’s resources in Houston in the event of succession. 

We now see a new move set to break out with the multiple prophetic reports talking about the final move of God. All these roads point to Texas as being the leader and forerunner for the move of this end-time harvest. What was once supposed to happen in Houston in the 1900’s is now coming back. The wells that were dug over a hundred years ago by Charles Parham and William Seymour, wells that have been filled back in with the carnal teachings of denominations without revelation, are being dug out again. Who is digging them out? Malachi tells us the Lord will send His messenger/angel before His second coming. The Spirit of Elijah is sent to open the deep wells of revelation again to prepare and purify the end-time church. These deep wells containing the anointing oil of God are about to be uncapped for the world to see God, and bring about the restoration of all things. This will not be like the past moves of the Holy Spirit, baptism in tongues, but this will be an outpouring of the Glory. God is getting ready to inhabit His holy temple (His remnant company), and scripture tells us ‘eye has not seen, nor has it entered in the heart of man what God is going to pour out’, (ref 1 Co 2:9). We pray you are getting prepared for what is already beginning to take place. If you would like to find out more visit us at . Or connect with someone at the ministry by emailing:


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