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A Catholic Priest Goes OFF On Joe Biden | Charlie Kirk

The United States have appointed a member of the Roman Catholic Church as President: the problem is that the early church would not only anathema Joe Biden for what he stands for (curse and damn him to hell), but they would also anathema the church leaders allowing him to remain in the church.

This parishioner of St Henry Catholic Church at Buckeye, Arizona states that Joe Biden:

“is diametrically opposed to ALL of the basic moral principles that are proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church. Not only abortion and the sanctity of human life, but the sanctity of marriage and this gender silliness.” 

Church standards have changed from a place where Joe Biden and his elders would have been ex-communicated from the early church for their beliefs, to a place today where: at one end hell is being let in with the acceptance of these types of attitudes, beliefs and blatant opposition to the basic principles of the Word of God, but at the other end divorcees are being ex-communicated and have lost their chance to repent. 

The Lord is getting ready to raise up a new Apostolic company that is going to deal with all standards across the board. ~Apostle Michael Petro

This parishioner considers Joe Biden to be an accepted member of the Roman Catholic Church family and the most powerful man in the world; but states that

“he is absolutely opposed to the basic understanding of the church, that God is the author of life”.

He then explains why this is the case: Cowardice in church leadership and poor education in the church system.

He states that while Joe Biden would be welcome to attend the church, his ideas are not welcome and he is not welcome to partake in the ceremony of Mass without prior public repentance. This is a big thing, seeing Mass is  the central act of divine worship in the Catholic church and what they consider to be the source and summit of the Christian life. 

So what is the standard at the parish of this parishioner? He states,

“there is a temptation to ask anyone who is pro-abortion to leave the church.” Why only a temptation? Because otherwise people “miss their opportunity to repent.” 

He requests the church members who are pro-abortion are told they can stay, but neither their ideas nor their tithe is welcome. Not only are they asked not to tithe, but also to refrain from giving any money to any Catholic organisation or charity, because the church only wants contributions from people of faith who have the same values and beliefs as the church.

He goes on to say,

“I don’t care if you believe in the one God, Father almighty creator of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen, of the virgin Mary conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, or in the Trinity, or even in the resurrection of Christ or life everlasting, if you do not get that basic understanding down, the rest doesn’t matter. “

God is the creator of life and we have no right to mess with that life, or even play with it, let alone end it because it does not fit us.


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