Seeds of Wisdom Teachings

A Message From Apostle Michael Petro

“It’s all about preparation and getting ready. All of the great men God worked through moved in healing and deliverance. Their whole ministries were built around that. If the Lord is calling us to that, we must ask ourselves a simple question: what is holiness? What does Jesus define holiness as? Is it someone that goes to church once a week on Sunday and then forgets the Lord the rest of the week? Is it just a prayer? It cannot be that way. When we study the early church, they were all about the revelation of the Word of God. They were in church every day of the week until the wee hours of the morning. The church was not a second thought to them; it was a priority. If Jesus isn’t our priority, we do not know Him. How can we say Jesus is our priority and we only think about Him on Sunday afternoon, and we live the rest of the week as if He isn’t there. The relationship isn’t there. I realized a long time ago that my relationship with the Lord wasn’t where it should be. So how could I ask Him to change me or let me into heaven, when I knew my heart wasn’t right with Him. 

We all need a reality check. Ask yourself: am I ready for what is coming? Is there really a hell that I want to avoid and heaven to gain? Do I really know this person who loved me so much that He gave His life for me. He expects me to have that same type of love for others. How can I say I know Him and love Him, but I never think about Him except when I am in church? My mind has changed to always be on Jesus. We have to be honest with ourselves. And that honesty has to be: Lord, am I sold? We should never do things for God because we think we have to. We should do it because we love to and the difference is that relationship with Him. If I love Him, I want to talk about Him”.