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After 30 Years

Hi everyone. It’s one of those stories that’s not supposed to go that way! The medication was given to control anxiety and a racing heart, while it’s primarily prescribed for the control of high blood pressure. Christopher Andrus shared with me his story about his long history with Metoprolol, a class of medication called beta blockers. They work by blocking receptors of the heart, which slows the heart rate- relaxing blood vessels, thus improving circulation. By lowering the heart rate, blood pressure can be normalized. Acute or chronic chest pain, due to cardiovascular problems, can be improved.  

Christopher was placed on Metoprolol when he was seventeen years old. He was incarcerated, and at the time was taking Paxil- an anti-depressant medicine. The Paxil, he said, was stopped “cold turkey”, and it was not made available to him while he was in jail. His heart began to race, and he said,

I went into afib

It almost killed me,” he said.

~Christopher Andrus

(afib is short for atrial fibrillation, a rapid dysrhythmia of the heart).

That is when he began his 30-year journey with Metoprolol, which was prescribed to control the atrial fibrillation. His initial dose, at seventeen years old, was 25mg which was subsequently increased to 50mg. He remembers being told he would need to “take it for the rest of [his] life pretty much.”

Over the last 30 years, whenever he tried to reduce the Metoprolol his heart would race. The memory of atrial fibrillation and the threat of dying would trigger anxiety.  He has been taking 30mg for 25 years, and only in the last five years has been taking 25mg, but could reduce it no further. He stated,

“I did not want to be using ‘Pharmacia’”,

~Christopher Andrus

knowing that it is synonymous with witchcraft (the Greek word for pharmacy is witchcraft). Christopher told me he spoke to the LORD and said, 

“I’m gonna trust You. If You got me off street drugs, opiates, iv OxyContin, after years of trying to quit; from when I was fifteen years old, Jesus, You, supernaturally set me from withdrawals and being sick and from all desire since 2019; I know you can get me off of the Metoprolol.”

~ Christopher Andrus

So, Christopher stopped taking the Metoprolol. As of this writing, it has been three weeks and he has had no heart racing, no fatigue, or other adverse response from stopping his 30-year alliance with Metoprolol. Physically, the story is not supposed to go that way. With long term use of this class of medications, the body increases the number of beta receptors. So, sudden stopping can result in rebound hypertension (a severe and potentially deadly elevation of blood pressure) due to tachycardia (a rapidly racing heart). None of that happened because I believe Jesus moved on the faith of Christopher, and because of the healing anointing which is here at the Voice of Healing. 

It is the revealed Word through apostolic teaching that is the medicine. David said this,

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits:

Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases”

(Psalm 103:2, 3).

Whether it’s years of addiction to methamphetamine, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription narcotics, street-drugs, food, or other substances; whether it’s major depression, schizoaffective disorders, dyslexia, or cancers of various kinds; scoliosis, spina bifida, or thirty years of Metoprolol; these are a few of the amazing healings we have witnessed Christ do here at the Voice of Healing. The greater works Jesus said we will do is the restoring of the soul through the implanted Word (Christ). 

So, until next time,

“prosper in all things and be in health even as your soul prospers”

(3 John 1:2).


Dr Roni

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