Early Church Biographies

Athenagoras Biography


Convert from St. Paul

“Athens” the capital of Greece, “Agoras” the gathering place or assembly.


Born: Athens,133 AD


Died: 190 AD (Destination uncertain)

Athenagoras the Philosopher was contemporary with Justin Martyr and Tatian his disciple, and later down the line Athenagoras tutored Pantaenus at the school of Alexandria, who in turn taught
Clement of Alexandria. Athenagoras was a studied philosopher
and Head teacher of paganism who sought out to study the Holy Scriptures to show how Christianity was worthless.



He later became a convert to St. Paul’s argument in his Epistle to the Corinthians. Athenagoras studied 1Corinthians 15 about the Resurrection and Acts 17 written about how the Greeks worshipped unknown gods. He wanted to controvert these scriptures but The Holy Spirit came and awakened him and gave him the deeper understandings of these and other scriptures. He afterwards became a defender of the Faith. An Apologist known for his Works of “The Plea” and “Resurrection”. His work called “The Plea” is for the Leaders at the time who were persecuting the Christians for things they objected to like cannibalism and incest being unjust towards them. 



It is also written that the School of Alexandria became something more when Athenagoras was placed in charge as teacher. He was also highly influential as an Early Church teacher and although all details of his life is unknow what we know and his writings can certainly increase the faith of believers.