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Black-Eyed Babies Born to Vaccinated Parents

    Is there anything more exciting for parents than the birth of their baby? The anticipation of seeing a new baby, who is composed of both mom and dad, is a momentous occasion. The guessing games begin: boy or girl, eye color, how much hair, will they have mom’s nose or dad’s chin? Every milestone […]

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La Sombra de Dios

Cuando la luz incide sobre un objeto, proyecta una sombra. En un día soleado, podemos salir y reconocer nuestra sombra. Si vemos la sombra de otra persona, no podemos decir cómo se ven porque esas sombras son solo impresiones oscuras causadas por la luz detrás de ellas. Podemos saber algunas cosas basándonos en la sombra, […]

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God’s Shadow

When light shines on an object, it casts a shadow. On a sunny day, we can go outside and recognize our shadow. If we see someone else’s shadow, we can’t tell what they look like because those shadows are only dark impressions caused by the light behind them. We can know some things based on […]