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Behold He is Doing a New Thing

“ Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert”

(Isaiah 43:19).

The Voice of Healing has gone through a season of transition, where many people have gathered from across the United States, Australia, and Canada. There is no doubt the Lord is about to do something big starting in the state of Texas, that will soon spread across the world. We have seen the Lord divinely open doors for people to come to the city of Houston where many are already starting to see what the Lord is about to do. 

It is a new season, and there are lots of things that need to get done. 

With the Voice of Healing hosting its first ever Chirstian Hip Hop, Gospel, and CCM concerts in Houston, Texas starting December 3rd, 2021; there are many working behind the scenes to make it all happen. There will be performing artists such as Bryann T, Justa Messenger, GS, H.U.R.T, Isaiah Robin, Marcus Rodgers and special guest, The Voice of Healing Worship team whose debut album is set to be released in December 2021. We are expecting this concert to touch many lives and lead many people to the truth and revelation of the Word of God. To find out more information on how you can attend visit us at

All over the world people are starting to wake up to the fact that something is happening. So many people are understanding we are at the end of the age. Though there are many theories on how this event will take place, Yeshua says,

difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it

(Matthew 7:14).

The Early Church fathers called themselves, “The Way.” These were the men who were raised up by the apostles. These men lived their lives and were martyred for the truth; the one truth. Their end time eschatology was that at the end of 6,000 years there would be a battle between light and darkness. They believed that only a remnant would come out of the church. Then the glory of God would begin to fill the earth, and Satan would be bound for 1,000 years.  It has been 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus, and 2,000 from Jesus till now. Meaning we are at the end of 6,000 years or 6 days, and the Lord is about to step into His 7th day and fill His temple (1 Corinthians 3:16).

These men never believed in the rapture theology. In fact, it didn’t even exist during that time. The events worldwide are causing everyone to see a shift in what the Lord is doing, and He is putting everyone into position for this final move. This means that evangelism must come to a new level. With the help of brother Royce and Tony, evangelism is taking a whole new approach. 

“Once you hear the real truth and real revelation, once it’s spoken, it’s the most undeniable thing and there are tons of people looking for that.”

– Tony Hamilton

There are many opportunities in our day to day lives where we can give people a taste of living water. Some may just need a smile, others need prayer, nevertheless there are some  who have been looking and searching for the real thing all their lives. We have to prepare our hearts and ask the Lord to speak through us. The good news is it doesn’t have to be you who goes out and does this. Be willing to allow the Lord to do it through you, and if your heart is right, He will speak through you.  

“The Lord wants us to hear His voice. How many of you have I given words to, and they come just like that? It’s almost 80% of this room. Why? It’s because when the Lord speaks, if your heart is right and you hear Him, and you speak out what He said to somebody else, there is no changing it. It’s written in stone at that point. It’s eternal. We all have to have that gift for others.”

-Apostle Michael Petro

Here is a story of a life that was touched through VOH evangelism:

One day a brother went out to fundraise by himself, he set up a stand waiting for people to come when he met this lady. So he began to pray for her and ask the Lord to heal her insides. God just spoke through him, and when he was finished praying over her, she looked at him in amazement saying:

I haven’t heard something like that in so long. I was bitter towards my church and my pastor. I went to church for so long and I feel like it was dead, I have been to so many denominations and none of them were feeding me. None of them were healing me, and none of them were giving me what the bible talks about.

After talking for a while, she asked about the rapture and expressed she didn’t believe it was real. So he started to explain to her the word “apokalupto.”  This word is the English word for “revelation,” and it speaks of a removal of a veil hindering someone from seeing the truth. The book of Revelation is not a book about the end of the world. The “revelation of Jesus Christ” (Revelation 1:1) is actually the unveiling of who Jesus really is. 

That encounter is something she always remembers, and to this day she still calls him, and asks for prayer. We can all be that for someone. 

Intercessors have been praying and releasing for the city of Houston to be ready in their hearts for the move of God that is happening, and when you go out, you can see that they really are. Everywhere you go so many people want to hear about the Lord, and they all want to talk about Jesus. They want to hear the truth, and they want to be set free from everything they are dealing with. There is no doubt that people are hungry for more, they know something in the world is not right and God’s people need an unveiling; they need to hear this truth.

“It’s crazy cause when I start explaining this, it’s like a kid that’s been starving for a week and has no milk or no food or anything and it’s like, “here I got you.” They just scarf it down like they are so hungry for it, and no one is giving it to them.” 

– Tony Hamilton

According to the Ancient Hebrew Bible Lexicon, the word revival speaks of “a food that revives life.” It also says that

“when the stomach is empty one is famished and weak and when it is filled one is revived. This organ is seen as the life as an empty stomach is like death but a revived stomach is life.” 

We have the food, the meat of the word that brings life from death. The Lord has given us that power through our tongues (Proverbs 18:21) to speak light over someone’s darkness. A revival is happening, and there is so much work to be done. Connect with us to learn how you can be part of what the Lord is getting ready to do by visiting

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