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Blood, Gold & Oil


Blessings from The Voice of Healing Church!

We are living in a time where we are witnessing the manifested, miraculous power of God increasing everyday. This is just the start of something new as we are stepping into the greater things that God has promised for us. We are currently witnessing an escalation of miracles and manifestations of what can only be explained as the supernatural power of God. 

Scripture tells us that the latter house will be greater than the former (ref Hag 2:9). What was poured out in past revivals is not what the Lord is pouring out today. No one has seen what God is getting ready to do because He is doing something new in the earth. 


This is only an escalation of the many things we have already seen here at The Voice of Healing. We’ve been privileged to witness paraplegics walking away from hospital beds and the dead being raised back to life. Everyday is bringing a manifestation of the miraculous. 

But what is so different about the manifestations we are seeing now?

The Lord has been connecting Apostle Michael Petro and VOH with many of the world’s top Prophets as a way of bringing the Apostolic and Prophetic together for the season we are stepping into. Not long ago, The Voice of Healing received a powerful prophetic word from Prophet Rolando Molina, of Mision Reg in Colombia. Prophet Rolando is the spiritual son of Apostle Gustavo Paez, and they are known for operating in a strong prophetic gifting, and hear the Lord so clearly they’re able to call people out of the crowds by first and last names. 

“Oil will flow in many of your houses, you will see blood and gold, like never before in your house. And the father will cry and rejoice. And this will be so amazing. In the next 15 days there will be a manifestation and it’s gonna be very powerful in VOH. Very powerful.  And it will be known as the house of Gold.”-  Prophet Rolando

What an exciting word, but why is this important? 

Scripture tells us that we are the temple of God, and the Spirit of God dwells in us, His people (1 Co 3:16). There is significance in blood, gold, and oil. Blood is symbolic of the revelation, or the deeper meaning within the Word of God. 1 John 1:7 tells us that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin. Meaning the blood is what has the ability to clean us because when we understand the Truth it sets us free (ref Jn 8:32). Jesus instructed us to eat His flesh and drink His blood; that is, partake of communion by understanding the deeper meaning of the Word of God. Gold is symbolic of wisdom as the Book of Ezekiel says, “with your wisdom and your understanding you gained riches for yourself, and gathered gold and silver into your treasuries” (Ezk 28:4). While, oil is symbolic of the anointing. The Early Church Fathers (those prior to 325 A.D.) said the oil or the anointing of God is the mysteries of the kingdom. 

“The ointment is His name. The name is His doctrine. So to do anything in His name it’s to do it according to His doctrine, the Mysteries of the Kingdom.” – Ignatius [Disciple of Apostle John]

The significance of blood, gold, and oil is the Father giving us a prophetic sign that wisdom and revelation is here in a people. 

Exactly 15 days after the word was given by Prophet Rolando, manifestations of gold started to break out within the ministry. Gold flakes appeared on the face and legs of our very own Bishop Michael Petro as he was releasing a message. The body sat in awe as it was the first time many had ever seen God manifest something out of nothing. The manifestations didn’t stop there: upon returning from a trip to Mexico, Apostle Michael found gold on the floor of his room, in his bed sheets, even gold in his car. 

The days following included multiple staff members and leaders in the body experiencing gold break out on their hands and faces. With God, all things are significant, so these particular manifestations are meant to reveal something deeper as our hands speak of our works while faces speak of our character. Before long, gold and oil were appearing out of nowhere on worship instruments and breaking out in prayer meetings. However, one of the most miraculous sights ever seen happened during another zoom meeting while Apostle Michael was releasing the Word. 

What began as heat flowing from her fingertips to her wrist, one member of the VOH family, Hailey, was shocked when she began to see blood manifest on her hand after taking notes from the teaching. With no sign of red ink around her, people couldn’t believe their eyes when they began to see blood appear out of nowhere. Since coming to VOH ministry she’s seen people receive prophetic words, miracles and healings through the Word that’s been released by the Bishop. She believed everything she was seeing, but didn’t think that she would personally experience the supernatural this soon. She shared that nothing like this had ever happened to her personally. Even though she hadn’t experienced any of these things for herself, she believed God was moving and she had a heart of expectancy. 

Prophet Rolando finished the Word of the Lord with: 

“There needs to be people with a healed heart, faithful people for this. This level of manifestation only comes by humble hearts, and by pure hearts. The heart determines the fruit. Pure hands and pure heart. So that is why you need to walk in this revelation.”

Scripture tells us, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Matt 5:8). The power of the teaching released here at the Voice of Healing allows the manifestations of this magnitude to appear almost daily because of the washing and cleansing that is happening by the Word. The signs and miracles will follow those that believe His Word (ref Mark 16:17) and the depth of Truth being released. 

God is coming back for a Church that has a heart of expectancy; a body of people that is filled with fire, love, and a passion for the things of God. Just as God counseled the Church of Ladeocia, the lukewarm days of going to Church as usual are over as there is only one degree in the kingdom of God: Fire! “For our God is an all consuming fire.” (Hebrews 12:29)

The true Word of God is what catches people on fire. You don’t have to be a Prophet to see that what God is doing here in Houston, Texas is very powerful. All over the world people are getting engaged with the prophetic word by registering for School of the Spirit; and through it they are seeing the Word come to life like never before. 

Do you, your congregation, friends or family need a touch from God? Do you wish to see the power of the manifestation of God like we read about in the Holy Scriptures? 

Sign up for School of the Spirit, and get on demand classes by registering at

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