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Buddhist to Believer: A Transformation Story

The Lord is on the move and He is making sure that he calls all those who will come, despite their backgrounds and things they’ve been through. Recently, two of our brothers, JayR and Robin Martyr, went on a hike and met someone and immediately formed a bond and connection. Dillon grew up Buddhist and practiced it as his main religion all his life. Through talking with him, JayR and Robin clearly discerned that Dillon was open to hearing about the Word of God. So, they began to listen to his story and also shared many things with him. This turned into a long conversation about the Lord, what He is doing in this season, and The Voice of Healing. By the end of the conversation, Dillon was ready to renounce Buddhism and begin to learn about Jesus, the God of the Bible. This is no small feat and it is clearly evidence of the power of God to change the mind of those walking in other faiths. Dillon has been coming to church and is going through a process of healing and deliverance as he listens to the Word and enters into the presence of the Lord. 

This is not just a testimony of a conversion, but a reminder for us as believers and carriers of the revelation to be epistles of the Word of God at all times. You never know who is ready to receive the seed and come deeper into a relationship with the Lord. As we continue in the coming days, we will see many more people, who otherwise would not come to church, walk through our doors. Let us continue for the unknown, unseen, and miraculous to breakout in our midst.

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