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China’s Underground Church


The prophet Elijah was sent to prepare the way of the Lord, and to deal with the wicked government during the reign of King Ahab and Jezebel. Jezebel was on a mission to kill the true prophets of God, so Elijah confronted the false prophets of Baal by calling down fire from heaven, (ref. 1Ki 18). If we look at the symbolism, Jezebel is actually a picture of the false religious system. The church is guilty of the same sins today: rejecting the truth that Elijah was sent to bring, and worship of pagan gods. 

The Lord has been revealing to Apostle Michael Petro the final harvest is here. He has been declaring that the time for the nations to come in has started, and the time of the church is done. The church has once again rejected the truth sent by the Spirit of Elijah in order to be prepared for the coming glory. Most people in the church are clueless about the Spirit of Elijah or what Jesus was referring to in Matthew 17 regarding the preparation of the soul. The false rapture theology has deceived a vast majority into believing they will be removed, but the early church always knew a remnant, those left behind, would be left to bring in the final harvest and usher in God’s glory. 

Rather than seek sanctification and cleansing through the Word of God, the churches have adopted the idea that Jesus did it all on the cross, a sinner’s prayer is sufficient. This was never the teaching of Jesus or the early church. They believed in a transformation of the mind through the process of revelation, (ref. Rom 12:2); that we are renewed by revelatory knowledge into the image of our Creator, (ref. Col 3:11). The early church, the disciples of the first century apostles, taught that we must undergo a washing process that comes through the power of the Word. 

Apostle Michael Petro reiterates that the early church taught about the final harvest more than any other event. He said the Lord is done dealing with the religious mindsets that don’t want to learn and get prepared. He has people listening now, just as the Lord told Elijah He had 7,000 prophets hidden who had not bowed down to Baal, (ref. 1Ki 19:18).

I keep thinking about China. I feel like there is an underground church in China that has been studying revelation for years. We don’t know where they are at with the revelation. When the Lord takes them out of hiding, which is very soon, there is nothing that can stop what He is going to do”, – Apostle Michael Petro.

The Christian church in China has been persecuted for many years under the Communist Regime. Videos on YouTube have surfaced of people gathering in caves, underground, and in remote fields to worship and hear the Gospel. [1] They are so hungry for the presence of God they are willing to risk the consequences of being caught; spending over 12 hours in prayer, listening to the Word since they have no Bibles. These challenges have actually caused the church to see a major explosion of people coming to Christ. Interestingly, the early church saw the same growth when they were heavily persecuted by the Romans. 

If we look at most of the churches today do we see the same dedication? A one hour service, one day a week, is even too much for some. The Covid crisis shut down the churches while people have stayed home in fear, yet the Chinese church is willing to meet in secret for days upon days to see God move. There is a unity among them as they are completely sold out, surrendered to self, crying out for the fire of God. What would happen if the church had to go into hiding or risk fines, even imprisonment for gathering?

“When suddenly there came a sound from heaven like the rushing of a violent tempest blast, and it filled the whole house in which they were sitting”, Act 2:2

Another Pentecost is coming, the fire of God is being poured out on those who are hungry and pressing in for His presence. This time it will not just be a portion like was given to the Apostles, but the manifestation of God’s glory is about to be revealed. Only those who stayed in the upper room received the fire, while the rest of the religious system missed it because they had no understanding. 

Apostle Michael has been opening the deeper understanding of who the 144,000 are, and their character and function. We must be truly seeking after God’s kingdom and be ready to move. It’s time to call in those who have not bowed to Baal, who need to come out of Mystery Babylon, the great harlot. It is time for the remnant to take position for the greatest harvest of souls that has ever been seen. The four winds are being released. 

“Then said He to me, Prophecy to the breath and spirit, son of man, and say to the breath and spirit, Thus says the Lord God: Come from the four winds, O breath and spirit, and breathe upon these slain that they may live” Ezekiel 37:9


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