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This can be far from our comfort-zone, especially when someone is coming strong with unlearned opinions and doctrines from the Bible contrary to the revelation of God. Most Christian theology we hear today from peers and churches were developed only hundreds of years ago. Church denominations may not sound like a negative thing, but when […]

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Exoneration of Origen

Origen is one of the most prolific and most controversial early church fathers in all of Christianity. His influence and contribution to the body of Christ is immensely paramount, and his impact is still felt today. His opus endeavor on the Hexapla (taking 28 years to complete), which is a bible that he wrote in […]


Greetings to the Saints

Thank you Heavenly Father. Your works are so perfect, Your ways are justice, You are a God of truth and without injustice. Righteous and upright are You. You are the rock of salvation. We thank You for Your teaching dropping as rain, falling on the mountains on a daily basis as You guide us. Your […]