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Death and Resurrection

When we speak of death, we immediately perceive it as being permanent. Logically speaking, we would be correct in having this viewpoint. In many cases when someone or something dies it doesn’t come back to life. However, there are some instances where someone or something is presumed to be dead, and then miraculously they’re resurrected and brought back to life. In 1 Corinthians 15:31, Paul speaks about dying daily. What does he mean by this statement? How can someone die daily? 

If a person were to say this, we would think that it’s impossible for someone to die repeatedly. However, if we choose to view this through a different lens, we can see what he’s trying to convey to us. In the amplified Bible it reads this way, “I die daily [I face death and die to self].” As Christians when we choose to die to self that means we’re letting go of our wants, desires, attitudes and anything that we put before the Lord. Scripture says that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and that this is a gift we’ve received from God. It goes on to say that we are not our own because we belong to Him (1 Co 6:19-20).

Our God has a majestic way of showing us things within creation that point us back to Scripture. There’s a plant that dies and comes back to life regularly in its lifetime called the Resurrection plant. The Resurrection plant truly is a wonder and points to the beauty in God’s creative nature. This plant can tolerate almost complete water loss in their vegetative tissues. When this happens, the plant closes into a ball and can remain alive in a dried state for several years. Then, upon receiving water, it will rehydrate and be fully functional within 48 hours. [1]

We can see an interesting comparison here between the life of this plant and the words of Apostle Paul. Paul says he dies to self-daily and as he’s repeatedly going through this death process something must be replacing his old nature. Paul was divinely given wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit regarding the Word of God (Ephesians 3:2-5). When he came to Jesus and began looking for Him in the Word of God, he began to be filled with this living water that Jesus spoke of in John 7:38. The living water that comes from the Word, which Scripture says is Jesus (John 1:14). Just as natural water can rehydrate a plant and bring that dead plant back to life, so does this living water have the ability to bring resurrection life to one who is dying a spiritual death. If we are continually allowing the Lord to remove our old, sinful nature then we are always going through a death process and as the Lord is giving us His character and nature and we are continually being resurrected into something greater. 

In 2 Corinthians 5:1-10, the Apostle Paul speaks of this earthly body, our physical body (that is likened to a house) being torn down through a spiritual death and how we are to receive a new house not made with hands. He’s speaking of a heavenly or celestial body or dwelling place. The old must die or be done away with, so we can receive something brand new. Imagine a house that’s no longer in good shape; it has issues due to weather damage, broken pipes, mold, foundation cracks, pieces missing from the roof etc. The owner fell in love with their property years ago because they built it from the ground up and it’s a custom build, but now, because of its condition, it no longer serves its purpose. It no longer provides an environment conducive for the owner to live in the house. The owner decides to have this old house demolished, so he can begin to build a new and improved house: a place that’s fit for him to reside. 

In like manner, the Lord wants something that’s functional and fit for His purpose. The Master and owner of the house (our body) wants to dwell within us so that He can fulfill His plan and purpose through us. This mortal body that is perishing and corruptible must come off, so that we can put on an immortal body that is incorruptible (1 Co 15:51-53).  However, before that can happen, a spiritual death must occur first before we can be resurrected into a new body. We can see another parable if we look at the process that a seed goes through. A seed also goes through a death and resurrection process when it is placed in soil, covered, watered and given sunlight. The outer shell of the seed dies first and only when it dies does the inner kernel come alive. A seed cannot grow and flourish into a plant, flower, or tree unless that outer body comes off. 

We go through the same process. As believers and followers of Christ we were created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27). When sin entered the earth after Adam fell, mankind put on these corruptible bodies and separated us from our Creator. Yet, God, in His kindness and love for us already had a plan to restore us back to our original place with Him. For us to get back to that place, we must die that daily death, so Christ can resurrect in us (1 Co 15:21-23).  

This is a time to rejoice! Our Savior desires to dwell within us! Hallelujah! He desires to take us through this death and resurrection process, so that we can walk in the purpose God has for our lives. We were made to be one with our Creator. Just as Jesus died and resurrected, so too must we also die the death that we may resurrect with Christ. 

If you’re desiring to go deeper in your understanding of Scripture and you want to begin this process of becoming one with the Savior, please connect with us so we can get you plugged in. Visit our website and register for orientation and we’ll assist you with signing up for our Bible study classes. We look forward to hearing from you and growing together as we pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus. God Bless You!

In Loving Memory of Bishop Michael J. Petro 



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