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Forerunner City : Prophet Thomas Cherian


In the year 2017, Apostle Michael Petro received a Word from Prophet Thomas Cherian about what the Lord is going to do through him and his ministry. Looking back at what was said we bear witness that much of this Word has already come to pass. We can see how the Lord is setting up the remainder of the prophecy to come to pass in this next season. Considering the prophetic points below it is evident that much of what the ministry has done in this last season, and is doing right now has already been prophesied. In saying that, while we can easily believe what God has done; we must ask ourselves – can we believe that God will continue to finish the work He has started in us? The Lord is calling us to a higher realm of faith and belief as we strive to step into a greater vision.

When the Hebrews were pressed in their exodus from Egypt they had to leave behind everything they knew, everything that they were familiar with; the taskmasters of Egypt, the cares of the world, the limitations they placed on God. Pharaoh was the ruler of Egypt and represented a mindset of double mindedness and not having complete trust in God. The bible says that when Moses left Egypt he was following a cloud which took him to the Red Sea. He had Pharaoh chasing behind him with one of the most powerful armies in the world (double mindedness), a mountain on each side (limiting mindsets) and the Red Sea in front of him. He had followed the cloud sent by God, expecting to be led to safety, yet came to this terrifying predicament! The Red Sea is a mile deep in some areas – the writings say that only when those Hebrews went in did the waters part and if you consider their path through, they would have been looking at walls a mile high. Walking into and through the Red Sea required a greater faith in God’s word coming to pass. The Hebrews knew that if the walls came down they would all have been done for.

The Lord was testing Moses and all of the Hebrews. They had witnessed all the miracles, all the plagues being released upon Egypt. The Lord was asking them ‘do you believe Me? Do you believe that I can save you?’

We are now in a time for people of great faith to gather in, we are in a time for people to believe that God will do big and great things. How is the Lord going to save you?

 “The Lord will move to build a city called Forerunner, with a Forerunner church, media, library, a training centre, a street called Forerunner”Prophet Thomas Cherian

Prophet Thomas Cherian continued prophesying over the body saying:

“The Lord is going to give you another place in another city, bigger building, big crowds are coming to that place for the worship of God”

“The Lord will release a key for a new building”

“There will be revival in Houston and a link between this place, Houston, and Los Angeles”

The Voice of Healing ministry is currently finalising the purchasing of a building in Houston and are on the verge of taking those keys. An escrow agreement over the building has been signed and environmental inspections are being undertaken as part of the due diligence process.

 “There will be keys for businesses, to multiply and start new businesses”

This building is neither little, nor is it old and in need of major renovation; this is a huge, immaculately presented building in which businesses will want to be established. The plans for the purchase and use of this building involves working in conjunction with other businesses – new businesses are literally being established to assist with and complement the purchase of the building, as will training organisations come to work with us and help get people ready for the move of God that is about to happen.

 “The Lord is going to bring new business people here”

 There are many new business people planning to relocate and work with the ministry in this building, arrangements for which are all coming together during the due diligence process. The Lord has His hand upon this work and is pulling so many things together to firm up the foundations of this purchase and setting the plan in rock.

 “The Lord will give you the key to the kingdom (He is going to make you build the kingdom: this will be a building process)”

 There are many building projects the ministry is planning right now – the building of temporary accommodation to aid people’s transition, of buildings to establish the business needs of our partners, even the building of industrial sized freezers to cater for another opportunity to store and be a distribution centre for fresh produce which the Lord is opening up to join with the establishment of the building. Though this building is a massive 220,000 sq.ft, the opportunities which the Lord is opening up actually requires an increase, a building process to facilitate His move. 

“The Lord will raise up business partners within church”

“The Lord will give you everything you need for a tv studio” 

This has already been fulfilled, we are just going through upgrades to enable broadcast in UHD and go above everyone – above the mainstream news studios. 

“You will start television ministry by yourself”

“God will give you a television studio building” 

This is all on the verge of falling into place right now. 

“The Lord will flourish your media teams and prepare them for a much larger job” 

The Voice of Healing currently utilised only one third of its’ full operational set – the current facility is just not big enough. The studio area for the church meetings in this new building will be big enough for the audience of the church to be encircled by the fully erected set. 

This new studio forms part of a bigger plan for the media team. The set for the church / television combination will form one of multiple studios and the media team will not only facilitate productions for ministry television and radio, but also work across third party sets. As there are very few studios across Texas in general (let alone Houston), the ministry is being approached to build studios to use for movie sets, and to work with movie producers in the production of their content. These events begin to fulfil a Word given to Apostle Michael Petro several years ago about Hollywood coming in; a Word which went on to say that actors and actresses will come into the ministry. This too is already being fulfilled through the people we are beginning to work with on the production side and actors that are coming into the ministry now. The Lord is getting ready to open that door in a much greater way. Hallelujah! 

“You will conquer LA for Christ” 

This can only mean that Hollywood is coming in – further confirmation of the Word given to Apostle Michael. 

“You will open a television station and have a television ministry” 

This is already happening. Discussions have been held with the owner of ArmaVision – the Hispanic Christian Television station in Anaheim. Further meetings are planned to discuss moving a station to Houston into this new building. There is also another interested owner of two television stations who is making enquiries to partner with the ministry and be part of what the Lord is getting ready to do through Apostle Michael Petro and the Voice of Healing. In addition to these, there have been continuing discussions about working with God channel.

“This ministry will have key of David on its shoulders, (operate in glory non-stop, government on shoulders of beloved)”

“God will give you the key to David’s house” 

One of the main points Prophet Thomas was talking about was the last move of God. When we read the writings of the Early Church Fathers and study the Word of God, we can see that the last move of God would happen 6,000 years from Adam. We know it was 4,000 years from Adam to Jesus, and that there has been 2,000 years from Jesus until now. This totals 6,000 years from Adam until now, coinciding with the timing the Early Church placed the last move of God to occur. In seeing this, we are able to realise that all the crazy stuff we see happening in the world today should be expected as it was prophesied throughout the bible.

If you study the Apocalypse in the bible you begin to see that it is not about the end of the world (as the majority in the world believes); but is about the kingdom of God manifesting and a people being transformed. Jesus said at the end of the age He would re-establish the tabernacle of David, but David never built a tabernacle – he moved the ark of the covenant into his house, and so David’s house is the place where the glory resides. David is the only man in the bible who was not a high priest that was ever in the glory of God, but he was actually able to remain in the presence and in the glory of God continually. The glory killed everyone who touched it that was not a high priest, but David was comfortable in the glory. The tabernacle of David is the last move. The establishment of the tabernacle of David is the state of the glory of God being released into the earth. It is really beyond end time events and forms the beginning of the millennial kingdom – it is the stepping into the glory.

“You have keys of heaven” 

We know that the keys of heaven are the rains of revelation, the very ministry of Apostle Michael Petro and the Voice of Healing church. Hallelujah! 

“Doors will be opened, and not be able to be shut from this point forward” 

This move has been a vision forming over many years, but the past few months have been a time where everything is beginning to fall into place. Things are starting to come together so easily that it is like a door has been opened and the ministry is walking through it. 

“The Devil will not be allowed to take the keys being released or be able to stop what the Lord is getting ready to do.” 

Things are beginning to move quicker and quicker, escalating every week as if all obstacles preventing this move have been taken out of the way. 

“You are a Joshua generation (manifestation of the sons of God)”

Joshua was the one who led the Hebrews into the Promised Land before they became Israel. Their move into the Promised Land speaks of the glory of God being manifested. 

“God will give people homes, new built homes will be given” 

At least five people in the ministry going to Houston have recently moved into brand new homes yet to be lived in. Other people who never thought they could get a house are now owners of a house. The Lord has provided everything for them to do that. 

“God will show you things that will happen in news in media, weather before they happen” 

The slogan for The Voice of Healing Ministry is: “the news before it happens’‘. We have seen this come to pass time and time again with the Lord showing Apostle Michael Petro so many things before they happen. We are now in that season where this prophecy is coming to pass. 

“This church will be the altar of incense” 

This means that the church will be a church of intercession. In every move of God, the church has always been a church of intercessors. All of the men of God that you read about in past moves were prayer warriors. 

“You will spend hours in Yahweh’s presence”

“You will pray at least 6 hrs per day” 

As a body, the Voice of Healing ministry is doing this now in intercession – spending up to fourteen hours of prayer in one day across both morning and evening intercession meetings. Such dedication brings with it an intimacy with Christ: a basking in His presence. 

“You will raise soldiers for this move” 

There will literally be soldiers coming into and working in the ministry shortly as negotiations are taking place with ex-military elites from the veterans association who will be coming in over the next few months. There is literally going to be a housing facility next to the building as temporary accommodation for soldiers as they are placed by the veterans association. With this we can foresee that as these soldiers go through a healing process and recover from PTSD, that word of their healing will get out and many more will come to see what the Lord is doing. Hallelujah! 

A lot of people do not realise what the Lord is doing right now and what He is getting ready to do. The train is moving, it is picking up speed and the end of the age is upon us. Join us as we move into this next season. Find your position in this coming move which will prepare the world and restore it to receive the fullness of the inheritance of God. Join us as we step in to begin the fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham to go out and bless all the nations of the earth. 

“In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.” Gen 22:18

“And if you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” Gal 3:29

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