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Jesus In You

Dear HEAVENLY FATHER, the divine creator, and overseer of everything we know, we praise you and
adore everything that you are doing here on earth. We will continue to seek you and walk out what you
have put in front of us. Let our yes be yes and our no be no , just as yours is, let us comprehend the
severity of your commandments , Let your law resonate in our hearts, mind and soul as we make
decisions in our daily life and your eternity flows through us. Thank you for having your hand on the
worldly events as we will continue to focus on you, and not lose sight of you, and listen intently to your
instructions. We praise YOU and YOUR works in YOUR HOLY mountain,
Forever and ever. HOLY, HOLY, HOLY are you.

Greeting’s Saint’s ,

Another month in time, as eternity engulfs us. HALLELEUAYH ! This is a definite hard and trying time in
the way the worldly events are happening around us. The corruption, the lies, and deceit in which our
worldly leaders have come to in order to, as they see it survive in the flesh. We know , as survivors in the
spirit there is only one way , a narrow way, which we are seeing and hearing, As we focus on GOD, JESUS
and HIS HOLY SPIRIT, we continue to see that HIS commandments and statues will truly set us free and
guide all of us to an eternity with our Divine Creator.
The Voice of Healing will continue to seek and follow our spiritual leader though all the trouble time the
word has produced . We want to thank each of you , your families and friends for the continued support
you have given our HEAVENLY FATHER though your time of prayer and works for this ministry the LORD
has brought us to.
We are continuing to focus on the radio, VOD and social media platforms to evangelize the word of
YAHWHEY to an dying world. We encourage you to use these tools to be the evangelist you have been
created to be. Share with others what has been shared with you .
Our web site is continually updated and is a wonderful start to sharing with the people we meet.
Again, thank you for your support and prayer and remember ,

Pastor Brad