Greetings to the Saints

Thank you Heavenly Father. Your works are so perfect, Your ways are justice, You are a God of truth and without injustice. Righteous and upright are You. You are the rock of salvation. We thank You for Your teaching dropping as rain, falling on the mountains on a daily basis as You guide us. Your protection and favor we accept and cherish. We want to bless You today with our mind, heart, and soul as we give our all to You.


Greeting Saints,

 Again we look at another month pass and move us into the place the LORD wants us to be. We continue to praise our God, Yahweh, whose works are evident in us, around us, and through us. There are many people being healed, set free, and being led to Jesus through the divine plan of God. On a consistent basis, we are receiving praise reports of divine intervention in our lives and the lives of the people around us! This is a sign from the Holy Spirit, who is teaching and counseling the earth, that the LORD’s presence is with us. HALLELUYAH! Thank You, Father.

The Voice of Healing Church is seeking these transformations, which we see and hear as our body is growing with the movement of God. The transition from Forerunner International to Voice of Healing Church is official and consummated in this season in the natural and now in the spiritual. 

Our website is up and running, which is a fantastic evangelistic tool for all of us to use as we direct our friends, family, and the people we meet to go see what we are doing as a body. The television set for the new television program will be finished soon, and the vineyard in Tenaja has begun.

Again, thank you all for your prayers and support as the LORD guides us into a new season.

Give the LORD your all, as He has given us all. Amen.

Pastor Brad


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