Greetings to the Saints

Thank You HEAVENLY FATHER, we want to bless You this day by giving to You our full surrender, giving up our desires, and focusing on what You will have us do and be as we live here on earth. Guide us, take us to that place where we only dream of being. Let us bring Your kingdom to Your earth, as we see Your kingdom, power and glory in our lives in everything we do. Thank You for salvation and the keys to walk out  an understanding of the way You created us to be.


Greetings Saints,

HALLELUYAH! As we walk into another month, we rejoice in what our HEAVENLY FATHER is doing in HIS earth. The world is in great turmoil, our leaders are all being exposed for their evil works, and the system that has been set in place to protect us is going to ruins, so if we were to look at the situations at hand in the natural, we would say that life as we know it is changing. Hold on a minute — life is changing, we, the LORD’s chosen ones, Israel, the remnant, yes, their lives are changing. There is peace and freedom to see what is going on around us, to know the LORD is guiding and protecting HIS people through what will need to happen in order for the LORD to manifest HIS divine glory here in each and every one who has faith to believe, as HE brings heaven to earth. HALLELUYAH!!!

The Voice of Healing Church is moving in the direction that our HEAVENLY FATHER is leading us: to seek the transformation that will be in each and everyone’s lives who desire the intimate relationship with the LORD. 

As we continue to run the race, we want to encourage everyone to share all the resources we have been blessed with. Our website hosts many tools for us to share with the world.

All of you have been a great blessing, and we want to thank you for your prayers and ability to walk out what our HEAVENLY FATHER has bestowed upon us, as we step into our destiny.


Pastor Brad