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Healed with Mekhi Spiteri

On April 18th, I was able to sit down with Mekhi along with his mother, Angie, to hear the story of how the Lord has touched and healed Mekhi’s broken collarbone from a bike injury. 

Here is that interview.  

Mekhi, his brother Cruz, and his friend decided to go bike riding. There was a ramp, and Mekhi decided to ride his bike on it when all of a sudden he went off the ramp, fell, and landed on the top of his right shoulder. He felt a snap. Within minutes, the pain became intense and his body went into shock. He was shaking and convulsing. Mekhi laid on the ground and couldn’t get up. He prayed to the Lord and asked if this was from something he did, if he did something wrong. He wanted to know if he grieved the Lord. He prayed that the Lord would take away the pain, and the Lord moved upon that prayer and the pain was leaving. As his brother and his friend stayed with him, trying to comfort him the best they knew how, they saw Mekhi’s grandma drive by. When she saw him lying on the ground, she knew that something had happened. When she reached him, she waited a few minutes until she realized he needed to go to the doctor. 

The x-rays showed that Mekhi had broken his collarbone. The doctor referred him to orthopedics to see if he needed surgery or not. When they received the x-ray, the surgeon saw there was a little piece of bone called a butterfly; which was just floating around, and no natural healing would occur with that piece there. So, surgery was scheduled to remove it and put in a metal plate with screws. You can see in the attached photo the butterfly (circled) and the break in the bone.

The surgery went great and everything went fine, except they had to wait two weeks to take out the stitches. Internal and external stitches were put in. After removing the external stitches, Mekhi’s body started to reject the internal stitches and the wound started to open up. Angie had to do wet to dry dressing changes every day. It was challenging because the dressing kept sticking to his wound; his skin was getting irritated from the adhesive. During this process, she said he was in no pain until this dressing change. They continued to believe and press in for his complete healing.

On one of his visits, the surgeon decided to take x-rays to see if the bones had fused back together. To his amazement, the bones were almost completely fused together within a month after his first surgery. The surgeon wanted to see him in two weeks. The best-case scenario would be that the bones were completely fused. Regardless if it happened or not, they would have to do surgery in six months to remove the metal plate because Mekhi had not finished growing yet.

When the two weeks came, the news from the surgeon was good. There was complete healing of the bones. They were ecstatic and thanked the Lord for answering their prayers, and for the quickness in healing the two bones together for what could have taken up to six months. 

Through this time, Mehki has ministered to his grandma and grandpa about the power of prayer and belief. They have been open to hearing what their grandson is sharing with them and they have witnessed the healing of his collarbone.

Since coming to the Voice of Healing a little over eight months ago, Mehki said he has seen how much the Lord has changed his father, Ryan. He says since the Lord has saved him, it’s ended up affecting and saving the whole family. There has been restoration. They have witnessed with their own eyes what happens when a person comes under an apostle who has the revelation or deeper understanding of Jesus. There is a transformation that cannot be denied, just ask Mehki.

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