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For so many people in this world are in much need of healing. The church, for the most part, is not equipped with…

what the sick and dying need and are not even aware of a greater level of healing that the Early Church understood and walked in. There was a greater work than just healing someone’s ailments and even raising the dead. There are ways of healing most would not consider a way of healing or even think that it is really part of that process. Sometimes the process of healing can be even be harsh, to the point that we think it’s Satan doing something to us when in reality it’s the Father. Nevertheless, due to our immaturity, we can view the Father as Satan, just as a child views their parents as “the devil” when giving them discipline or giving them medicine that burns our wounds when that burning is part of the healing.

Before our healing can take place, before anything new can take place, more often than not, we have to go through a deconstruction in our lives, and that can be a painful process that we can mistake the devil in doing it when in reality it’s the Father. Yah voiced, “I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal;” (Deu 32:39). Most of us think of Yah as just a healer and a physician, when in reality, He is also the one who wounds us. Now, you may be thinking even now that “this is heretical” and “preaching a different Gospel,” but we should read the Word Yahuah declared, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” (Isa 55:8). Due to our ignorance of the ways of Yahuah, we tend to call our Heavenly Father “Satan” or “adversary,” when in reality it is Him who is causing the affliction to bring us into that healing.

What are the things that the Father must wound or kill pertaining to us that He will heal and revive? It is the area of our soul, it is our conscience, it is our thoughts. This was spoken of mystically in Numbers 21:21-35 where Israel invades Heshbon, destroys that city and its king, Sihon, destroyed. Origen interprets the city as “thoughts” and King Sihon as “Satan.” Before this process begins, every person has their thoughts ruled by Satan, the king of your thoughts. Origen described what he called “enigmatists” as ones who teach the mysteries of the Kingdom, hence the term “enigma” in “enigmatists.” They are the ones who are able to break open the seals of the book and interpret the enigmas, the mysteries, in the Word of Yah. This sets the thoughts on fire, purifying it and destroying the city of thoughts in our soul where Satan was ruling.

This was only the first part of the process. Just about anyone can destroy; it is much easier to break something rather than to build. The skillset of a person who can demolish a house is much different than a person who can build it.

The skillset of a person who can demolish a house is much different than a person who can build it.

“For it is not the practice for the sons of Israel to leave it in ruin the cities destroyed. But when they have undermined and overthrown evil thoughts and impious sentiments in a man, they rebuild again in the heart of the one they have destroyed. They will implant good thoughts, pious feelings and the teachings of the truth. They will hand down the rites of religion, they will teach the order of living, they will admonish upright morals and the established observances.” [1]

Just as the Apostle Paul identified as a master builder (1Co 3:10), so are these enigmatists who set to fire the impure thoughts of the soul that plague one’s mind. This is a greater level of healing. It is more common to see churches have people go through a physical healing; however, it is not the case with the healing of the soul, which according to the Word and the early church, it is a much greater work. Yahushua said that if we believe on Him, we would do greater works (Joh 14:12). Yahushua raised the dead, blind eyes were opening, the deaf were hearing; what could possibly be the “greater works?”

I would say, moreover, that, agreeably to the promise of Jesus, His disciples performed even greater works than these miracles of Jesus, which were perceptible only to the senses. For the eyes of those who are blind in soul are ever opened; and the ears of those who were deaf to virtuous words, listen readily to the doctrine of God, and of the blessed life with Him; and many, too, who were lame in the feet of the “inner man,” as Scripture calls it, having now been healed by the word, do not simply leap, but leap as the hart, which is an animal hostile to serpents, and stronger than all the poison of vipers. And these lame who have been healed, receive from Jesus power to trample, with those feet in which they were formerly lame, upon the serpents and scorpions of wickedness, and generally upon all the power of the enemy; and though they tread upon it, they sustain no injury, for they also have become stronger than the poison of all evil and of demons. [2]

The eyes of the soul and ears of the soul, as Christ told Israel, “HEARING YOU WILL HEAR AND SHALL NOT UNDERSTAND, AND SEEING YOU WILL SEE AND NOT PERCEIVE” (Mat 13:14) and the power to open the senses of the inner man have been given to the Apostles and those who have believed on Him, namely His teachings, for He is the Word and Truth and Wisdom of God. What good is it receiving a physical healing if our soul is not renewed and our way of thinking is still wicked?

What good is it receiving a physical healing if our soul is not renewed and our way of thinking is still wicked?

There is nothing against a physical healing; however, there is in the body of Christ a gross neglect of healing the soul and conscience. How do we know this? Two words… “Christian Psychology.”

As with the same problem with Thomas, who doubted the resurrected King, affirmed that he would not believe unless he could physically touch His wounds. Wanting to see things in the physical verifies the senses of the spirit are dull and are outweighed by the senses of the flesh. “Faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN” (Heb 11:1) Tertullian corroborates with this “No doubt we are accustomed also to give a spiritual significance to these statements of prophecy, according to the analogy of the physical diseases which were healed by the Lord; but still they were all fulfilled literally: thus showing that the prophets foretoldboth senses,” [3] So just as these healings that happened to folks in the natural, there was also a spiritual meaning alluding to the inner man who is also healed. As we see in the occurrence of the ten lepers being healed, only one returned (derived from the Greek word strephō G4762, meaning to “change one’s way of thinking”) and worshipped the Lord. Only one!

There are various healings taking place well after the Apostles had gone to be with the Lord. “I, too, have seen many persons freed from grievous calamities, from distractions of mind, madness, and countless other ills that could not be cured by either men or devils.” There are accounts of heretics even bringing healing to people; however, they were in fact switching out one demon (of infirmity) for another, just as Pharaoh’s magicians were able to replicate some of the miracles that Moses did, the healing of the soul and the mind can only be done by the power of Yah. Notice that “distractions of mind” are not just a way of thinking, it is an illness in the soul. There are countless ills our souls have, as well as the body. What is the cure for the soul?

Our Instructor, the Word, therefore, cures the unnatural passions of the soul by means of exhortations. For with the highest propriety the help of bodily diseases is called the healing art – an art acquired by human skill. But the paternal Word is the only Paeonian physician of human infirmities, and the holy charmer of the sick soul. “Save,” it is said, “Thy servant, O my God, who trusteth in Thee. Pity me, O Lord; for I will cry to Thee all the day.” (Psa_86:2, Psa_86:3)… But the good Instructor, the Wisdom, the Word of the Father, who made man, cares for the whole nature of His creature; the all-sufficient Physician of humanity, the Savior, heals both body and soul. “Rise up,” He said to the paralytic; “take the bed on which thou liest and go away home;” (Mar_2:11) and straightway the infirm man received strength. And to the dead He said, “Lazarus, go forth;” (Joh_11:43) and the dead man issued from his coffin such as he was ere he died, having undergone resurrection. Further, He heals the soul itself by precepts and gifts – by precepts indeed, in course of time, but being liberal in His gifts, He says to us sinners, “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” (Mat_9:2) [4]

“… the all-sufficient Physician of humanity, the Savior, heals both body and soul.”

The soul is healed by the precepts of God through a course of time, while the wounds of the body can be healed instantly. The soul is more fragile and the healing process that it must go through cannot be done instantly. We must have discernment not only for our souls, but for the souls of others to be able to understand the status of their soul. At times we can be frustrated with ourselves, as well as others, as to why we have not been healed in certain areas of our lives yet. There are just some things that are not meant to be healed right away but take a longer time to heal. Subsequently some of the wounds, or vices, depending on how much of that wickedness had a grip on our soul may take longer than others. This step requires two points. First that we must be understanding in the use of our discernment of where we are in our soul, and second, patience. More often than not, we can get extremely frustrated with ourselves, and worse, others who are going through their process yet need that time to go through that healing. Not catching offences is critical to the progress of our souls. Origen explains distinctly this development.

“… the all-sufficient Physician of humanity, the Savior, heals both body and soul.”

It is therefore by the sentence of God that he is abandoned who deserves to be so, while over some sinners God exercises forbearance; not, however, without a definite principle of action. Nay, the very fact that He is long-suffering conduces to the advantage of those very persons, since the soul over which He exercises this providential care is immortal; and, as being immortal and everlasting, it is not, although not immediately cared for, excluded from salvation, which is postponed to a more convenient time. For perhaps it is expedient for those who have been more deeply imbued with the poison of wickedness to obtain this salvation at a later period. For as medical men sometimes, although they could quickly cover over the scars of wounds, keep back and delay the cure for the present, in the expectation of a better and more perfect recovery, knowing that it is more salutary to retard the treatment in the cases of swellings caused by wounds, and to allow the malignant humors to flow off for a while, rather than to hasten a superficial cure, by shutting up in the veins the poison of a morbid humor, which, excluded from its customary outlets, will undoubtedly creep into the inner parts of the limbs, and penetrate to the very vitals of the viscera, producing no longer mere disease in the body, but causing destruction to life; so, in like manner, God also, who knows the secret things of the heart, and foreknows the future, in much forbearance allows certain events to happen, which, coming from without upon men, cause to come forth into the light the passions and vices which are concealed within, that by their means those may be cleansed and cured who, through great negligence and carelessness, have admitted within themselves the roots and seeds of sins, so that, when driven outwards and brought to the surface, they may in a certain degree be cast forth and dispersed. And thus, although a man may appear to be afflicted with evils of a serious kind, suffering convulsions in all his limbs, he may nevertheless, at some future time, obtain relief and a cessation from his trouble; and, after enduring his afflictions to satiety, may, after many sufferings, be restored again to his (proper) condition. For God deals with souls not merely with a view to the short space of our present life, included within sixty years or more, but with reference to a perpetual and never-ending period, exercising His providential care over souls that are immortal, even as He Himself is eternal and immortal. For He made the rational nature, which He formed in His own image and likeness, incorruptible; and therefore, the soul, which is immortal, is not excluded by the shortness of the present life from the divine remedies and cures. [5]

“For God deals with souls not merely with a view to the short space of our present life…”

Now after we have wiped our eyes of the tears of thankfulness for the goodness of God, there is something of a grave warning that I must ensure. In the previous chapter, Origen speaks about the Lord leaving people because of their negligence in dealing with the issues of their soul, the negligence of the Divine Word. This is why I have repeatedly stated that discernment is extraordinarily strategic to knowing not only where our soul is, but the souls of others as well. We cannot judge anything before its time. Perhaps that is why the Catechumen were given 3 ½ years to clean their souls. To God be the glory. Amen.

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