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“I am re-commissioning you” | Lana Vawser

How many times in scripture, was a commission given by God to get something done, and it went smoothly with no opposition? Never! Anytime God hands out assignments to move into a new season, the enemy fights it. There must be opposition in order to gain victory. We are in a time when the battles are so intense, that people have grown weary, feel stuck, confused, and are doubting the Word from the Lord. Origen, an early church father, wrote, 

“But virtue is gained only by struggle and hard work, and it is not proven as much in prosperity as it is in adversity…within you is the battle you are to fight; the evil structure which must be torn down is within; your enemy comes from your own heart.”[1]

The Lord spoke to Lana Vawser that the enemy has been terrified at what is getting ready to take place, and for people to walk in the commission they have been given. The intensity of the warfare has been so great in order to intimidate and discourage those whom God has chosen because the enemy only seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. (ref. Joh 10:10)

“For those who have cried out because they have been beaten down over their commission from God, He said, “Get ready, a FRESH ENCOUNTER is upon you where I am RE-COMMISSIONING YOU AFRESH”.

Vawser said she saw people who had been in the thick of battle go into a deep encounter with Jesus, and He began to reveal and share heaven’s assignments for their lives. Before the flood came, Noah was shown the pattern to build the ark (ref. Gen 6:14). Though they had never seen rain in that time, Noah was obedient to follow the plan despite the heavy opposition. Through that commission he was able to save his family from destruction. In Hebrew the name Noah speaks of rest [2]. He was brought into a place where his mind was no longer wrestling with God’s mind because he had stepped into a rest and knew the plans of God.

“I am now bringing you into a deeper understanding, a greater expansion and increase of the vision. I am not only confirming the vision again, I am unveiling deeper revelation of the assignment and new areas of increase within the assignment. I am breaking the heavy yoke of the enemy and his assignment over you this day and I am bringing you into the deepest rest in Me that you have known in this assignment that I have commissioned you into in this season.”

In the account of Ezra, King Cyrus had given a decree that allowed for the rebuilding of God’s temple. Zerubbabel and Jeshua were chosen to oversee the rebuilding process, however they were soon met with opposition.

“Then the peoples around them set out to discourage the people of Judah and make them afraid to go on building” (Ezr 4:4).

It says hired counselors were sent to work against them and frustrate their plans. For years the temple went unfinished until the prophet Haggai gave word that the Lord had commissioned it to be built. Prior to, the Jews had declared it was not the proper time for God’s house, (ref Hag 1:3). So God stirred up the spirit of Zerubbabel, Jeshua, and the remnant to complete the work of His house. 

It is a picture of the end of the age; the church has stopped building God’s house, but has been building their own. They face opposition, and rather than continue with God’s plans, they are giving in to the enemies work. How many pastors in the church are seeking God’s kingdom on earth, or are they more concerned with their own? Spiritually, Zerubbabel and Jeshua represent the two witnesses in the book of Revelation; they represent Spirit and Truth. God is now pouring out the Spirit into His Zerubbabels, Jeshua’s, and His remnant to build the temple. It’s not a physical temple because we are God’s temple (ref. 1 Co 3:16). He is looking for those who have prepared themselves to be the habitation of His Glory. The Spirit of Elijah has been releasing the revelation of Christ in order to begin the preparation process. Only those who understand how the kingdom of God operates will be able to step into the true rest, which is the true Sabbath, the seventh day, or millennial kingdom. In the 37th Psalm, David said,

‘The meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace’.

Origen says this “‘fullness of peace’ is the quiet of the soul together with its vision into the true nature of things.”[3]

The Apostles were commissioned by Jesus to go to all the nations; preaching the gospel, and baptizing them (ref Matt 28:19). In the book of Acts, we see the Holy Spirit was poured out on Pentecost, and fiery tongues fell upon the Apostles, and they went out baptizing, and preaching repentance. Pentecost was a shift into a new season. However, not all fulfilled this commission. Only 120 stayed in the upper room to overcome the intense battles, and as a result the Spirit moved through them, and the church was birthed. No longer were they striving with their flesh to perform healings and deliverance (ref Mk 9:28); but Peter’s shadow was able to fall upon the sick and heal them, (ref. Act 5:15). 

Despite all the power of the Spirit they were walking in: healing, signs, and wonders, they were met with opposition from the religious sects and Roman soldiers. Until his conversion and commission, Paul was the biggest persecutor of the early Christian church. He even went on to write some of His epistles while in prison. Was it just a love for Jesus and His Word that pushed them to be able to accomplish these tasks in the face of persecution? Paul never walked with Jesus during His earthly ministry, but it was the revelation they had received that caused them to walk in understanding. Once the fire fell upon them, they knew and understood who they were in Christ, and how to walk out the commission given.

“For it is not unusual for such spiritual battles to be waged with all kinds of arguments against the just to confuse them and drive their souls to doubt…for we must get ourselves settled down and established in peace so that we can be without fear and not be upset by upheavals so that we can move to the peaceful end that lies beyond all this.” [4]

Vawser said these people are being re-commissioned afresh to move forward carrying HIS FIRE! It is time to stay close to Jesus, with our ear upon His heart to listen much like John did, and walk in His ways. The enemy is trembling at what God wants to do through those who surrender, and have understanding of His plans and walk them out. They have entered into a rest in their minds to know what God is wanting to do; there is no more fighting with carnal minds in this mighty remnant.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD Almighty”, (Zec 4:6).


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