Interview | Dr. Stella Immanuel & Apostle Michael Petro

Listen to this powerful interview of Apostle Michael Petro and Dr. Stella Immanuel as they expose the Lord’s plans for the United States and the world during this global crisis.

Dr. Stella Immanuel is a Camaroon-American pastor and physician in Houston who caused waves as she exposed the dark agenda behind the Covid-19 Pandemic on the steps of the Supreme Court. In her viral video she boldly proclaimed “Nobody has to die!” as she shared her incredible success treating patients with Covid-19. 

This hard hitting interview uncovers rarely touched topics in the church i.e., deliverance, spiritual warfare, demonic activity, and witchcraft. Learn how the enemy subtly gains access into people’s lives and how to close these open doors through the cleansing and purging process. Dr. Stella says, “This is the season that God is going to heal the church.”

This is a call for the church to arise and awaken out of spiritual slumber to take its place as a warrior and fight. Open your eyes to the spiritual war that’s raging now in the earth. It’s time for the church to cry out in prayer and be the light to overcome the darkness!