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Interview | Dr. Stella Immanuel & Pastor Ronald Burton

Watch this groundbreaking episode of the Voice of Healing News with Pastor Ronald Burton and special guest Dr Stella Immanuel. Listen as these two medically trained doctors and ministers discuss the Corona Virus and other diseases from both a medical and spiritual perspective. Dr Stella has seen patients first hand come into her emergency room with Covid-19 leave completely healed within days.

Pastor Ronald and Dr Stella reveal how medical issues stem from deep rooted spiritual issues that are carried on throughout our generations. This is why medical healing can only go so far. There is a superior spiritual healing that brings true and lasting change to every physical, mental and spiritual affliction. 

The Early Church understood and taught that the spirit, soul, and body must come back into alignment with God in order to be truly healed. It is time for the church to move in the anointing and radical faith of the Early Church once more.

Discover how to gain access to walk in the highest level of healing through the revelation of the Word of God!