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Jesus Revealed In Us

Every Christian is anxiously awaiting the second coming of Christ. As we are watching the events of this nation and the world unfold, there is an even greater sense of expectation. If one thing is consistent among believers, it is that Jesus is returning for His saints. And that day will be both great and terrible. However, the manner of His appearing seems to still be a mystery to some. There is much debate among the denominations regarding the Scriptures on Christ’s second appearing.

The account in Matthew 24:30 and Revelation 1:7 both talk about seeing the Son of Man coming on the clouds with power and great glory. John recounts in Revelation 19:11 that He saw a white horse and “the One” riding upon it was called “Faithful and True”. Malachi prophesies that Elijah must come to prepare the way of the Lord and He will suddenly appear in His temple (Mal 3:1). In the book of Acts, the disciples watched as Jesus was caught up in the clouds and two messengers came and said:

“Why do you stand gazing into heaven? This same Jesus, Who was caught away and lifted up from among you into heaven, will return in [just] the same way in which you saw Him go into heaven,” (Act 1:11 AMP).

No wonder there is confusion in the Church’s end time eschatology; some are looking up to the clouds waiting for Him to come at the sound of a trumpet or on a white horse, while others are waiting for Him to appear in His temple. Are these all literal events, and if so how will we know which to be looking for? If we don’t have the correct interpretation of these scriptures, we will not understand the second coming of Christ nor will we be prepared for His return. 

During a recent message, Apostle Michael Petro said, “It is more important for Jesus to appear in us than to us. If He appears in us, we are sealed. If He appears to us, we’re in trouble.” Could all of those scriptures actually be talking about Christ coming back in His people? Paul told the church at Colossae there was a mystery that was hidden for ages and generations [from angels and men], but was revealed to His holy people (the saints), which is Christ in and among us, the hope of glory (Col 1:26-27). 

“When He comes to be glorified in His saints [on that day He will be made more glorious in His consecrated people], and [He will] be marveled at and admired [in His glory reflected] in all who have believed [who have adhered to, trusted in, and relied on Him], because our witnessing among you was confidently accepted and believed [and confirmed in your lives],” (2 Thes 1:10 AMP).

Despite what man’s theology has been teaching, the explanation of Christ returning in His people is not a new concept. In fact, the early church knew and taught this. Origen, an early church father, said:

“But when the heavenly Father had revealed the knowledge of Jesus to those who were of this world, the Son of Man was then glorified in those who knew him…And there is another way of understanding the twofold coming of Christ, namely, as the coming of the Word into the soul.” [1] 

There is no need to see Jesus physically, as He already appeared once in the flesh. His second coming is going to be the coming of His glory. Therefore, He isn’t coming again on a physical cloud, or a horse, or even going to walk into a temple. 

God’s language is one of parables and symbolism. Each of those elements is referring to us as believers who understand the deeper meaning. We are the clouds He is coming back in. Clouds hold water, specifically rain, which is symbolic of revelatory teaching. “My message shall drop as the rain, my speechshall distill as the dew, as the light rain upon the tender grass, and as the showers upon the herb,” (Deut 32:2). We are the horses, as Joel 2:4 talks about us being like the appearance of horses. And according to 1 Corinthians 3:16, we are the temple of God that He plans to inhabit. 

“The Son of God will not yet appear in any particular place ‘when He comes in His glory’….but….’the coming of the Son of Man will be like the lightning which comes from the east and shines as far as the west’ (Matt 24:27)…Hence He will be everywhere, and he will be everywhere in the sight of all, and all, everywhere will be in His sight.” [2]

Throughout the Word we see reference to those who were sealed, inscribed, or marked by God. Ezekiel talks about those who have a mark on their forehead are spared (Eze 9:2), while nothing is to be destroyed until the servants of God have been sealed in their foreheads, the 144,000 of the tribes of Israel, (Rev 7:3-4). The word sealed is the Greek word Sphragizo and means “to set a mark upon”, “to seal for security: from Satan”, things concealed, “kept secret, confirm, prove, authenticate” [3]. The Hebrew counterpart to this word is Tamam, and it means “to be complete, finished, at an end”, “to be completely crossed over”, “perfect”, “consumed” [4].

The spirit of Elijah is sent to restore all things before the coming of the Lord (Mal 4:5, Matt 17:12). The function is to seal the elect of God with the mysteries and secrets of the Scriptures; these are the true 144,000, not literal Jews. If we continue to look at natural things, and are waiting to see a physical appearance of Jesus, He is going to pass us by. He is appearing in those who have been prepared and refined by the fire of purification. Jesus is going to inhabit His temple (us) fully. If Christ appears to us, we haven’t been prepared and will have missed His glory. We get prepared by receiving the oil (the revelation) and allowing the transformation to take place in our mind. Christ will appear in us when we have been sealed in order to house the glory of God.


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