Ruach Teachings

Keep the Faith

Is our salvation assured regardless of what we do? Many believe in a “once saved, always saved” mentality which has created a lazy and stagnant Christian walk. Hebrews 6 says, if we have been enlightened and partakers of the truth of the Word and should fall away, it is impossible to renew us back to repentance. Salvation is a gift but we have free will to give it back. Pastor Sylvain Joly delivers an important message on persevering through trials and testings in order to become containers of God’s glorious presence. When the seed of the Word is rooted deep in our lives our faith grows and we bear fruit. Backsliding happens when we don’t keep the faith by allowing the Word to grow and be tested within us. Let the fire burn and consume all that limits God as you press to become the character of Christ. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!