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Kent Christmas – “God Told Me That This Will Happen 2 Months From Now”


“And the Lord utters His voice before His army, for His host is very great, and [they are] strong and powerful who execute [God’s] word. For the day of the Lord is great and very terrible, and who can endure it?” (Joe 2:11 AMP)

A month ago, Kent Christmas released a powerful word regarding what the Lord showed him would take place in the next two months. [1] What he released from the Lord was a severe judgment to the church, as the great and terrible day of the Lord is here.

“But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like a fullers’ soap” (Mal 3:2).

This word was directed to the end time army, the remnant that God has been raising up and keeping hidden ‘for such a time as this’. This remnant, not the church, will be the ones to go and bring in the harvest of the nations.

Apostle Michael Petro has been referencing the Spirit of Elijah that comes as a forerunner before the day of the Lord, to prepare the remnant with the interpretations of the secrets of the kingdom. As Christmas prophesied, the time for the glory will begin in 2022, the church will be done and the remnant will go out for the harvest. Further confirmation was given two years ago when Prophet Thomas Cherian gave a word saying that the final move of God will begin when Apostle  Michael and VOH ministries go to Houston. The building in Houston is in the last stages of finalization, while many have already made the journey there to begin preparation. The stage is set in anticipation for the greatest move of God. 

The Lord said the church has become defiled over the last several decades, and become a shadow of what she should have been with no authority and no power. He has remained silent in the hour because the church has not wanted Him, but His silence is ending saying,

“So I thy God, have taken a virgin, says the Lord, and I name her the remnant. And I hid her away for such a time as this. I impregnated her with an eternal purpose that has yet to be revealed in this hour.”

Due to this defilement, God has to send an angel, or messenger, one who will carry the message and plan of God that He wants to release into the earth. Amos 3:7 tells us that God will do nothing without revealing His secret to His servant the prophets. We see this when the angel Gabriel came and spoke to Mary saying, 

“The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you [like a shining cloud]; and so the holy (pure, sinless) Thing (Offspring) which shall be born of you will be called the Son of God.” (Lk 1:35 AMP).

This prophecy actually goes against much of the church’s end time eschatology, and those who believe in the rapture, or being taken away with Jesus in the clouds. The rapture theology is not one of the early church beliefs or teachings, actually being introduced in the 1500’s by Jesuit priests. We encourage anyone to take a deeper look into where this theology actually started to get a better understanding, and have provided a link below to help. [2] 

In his second epistle to the Corinthians, Paul said he knew a man (speaking of himself) ‘caught up’ to the third heaven. The term for caught up is the Greek word Harpazo, which means to be carried away, raptured. [3] Was Paul physically raptured for fourteen years, or was he speaking of a figurative ascension in the mind? Tertullian, a second century early church father said this,

“For when a man is rapt in the Spirit, especially when he beholds the glory of God, or when God speaks through him, he necessarily loses his sensation, because he is overshadowed with the power of God. Now, it is no difficult matter to prove the rapture of Peter. For how could he have known Moses and Elias, except (by being) in the Spirit?”[4] 

The early church held the belief that Christ was going to reappear in His people at His second coming. The ‘rapture’ or ascension they taught was a case of hearing the revelation (spiritual, deeper meaning) of the word, and being ‘caught up’ or ascending in our minds. We leave the earthly, carnal realm, to ascend in the spiritual; just as the high priest had to ascend in the temple to go into the Holy of Holies where God dwelt. Many other resources can be found at the link below to further clarify the position of the early church. [5]

“But He also comes in glory, having prepared the disciples through the epiphany of His which has no form or beauty; and, having become as they that they might become as He, “conformed to the image of His glory,” since He formerly became conformed to the “body of our humiliation” when He “emptied Himself and took upon Him the form of a servant”, He is restored to the image of God and also makes them conformed to it.” [6] 

If we look at the current state of the church, we see that many have acquiesced to the unlawful demands of government lockdowns, mask mandates, and now even pushing the ‘vaccination’ agenda on their congregation. Christmas said that in the next two months, God is going to break the strongholds in this nation. The church has had an identity crisis, and because they don’t know who they are, that same crisis got loose in the natural world. 

For this reason God has been raising up the remnant. This remnant will be the ones to birth Christ into the earth, just as Mary birthed Christ. The Lord said, 

“The church I’m raising is a virgin church. Like with Mary it was not birthed by man. For nine months she was invisible and she had to carry Christ before she could release Him to the nations. I have put an impregnation of the Spirit in my House and they have had to carry it in the womb. There is a travailing spirit that has gotten ahold of My people.” 

Origen in his commentary on Matthew, stated that at the end of the age (consummation of the age) there would be a manifestation of those who have been birthing Christ in them.

“We might say more properly that the Saviour was not in His disciples but with them, so long as they had not arrived in their minds at the consummation of the age. But when they see to be at hand, as far as their effort is concerned, the consummation of the world which is crucified to them, then Jesus will be no longer with them, but in them, and they will say, “It is no longer I that live but Christ that lives in me.” [7] 

After the resurrection of Christ, Jesus came and spoke with the disciples and the word says, He opened their minds so they might understand the scriptures, (Lk 24:25). If we look at the Greek word for ‘open’ it speaks of opening a womb, with our thoughts equating to a mental pregnancy. [8] Luke 8:11 tells us that the seed is the Word, that seed is a reference to the Greek word Sporos or sperm. When the seeds of God’s word are released to us, our minds (wombs) are impregnated. We are either impregnated with the dead letter of that word, or we receive a revelation of it (the shell of the seed (veil) is removed from it where we see the deeper, spiritual understanding) and we are impregnated by God’s DNA. Based on which we receive, it will determine the mental pregnancy we give birth to: Christ’s nature or the nature of the beast, the Antichrist. 

A very severe warning was issued by the Lord through Kent Christmas when he said,

 “I have made men choose sides, and I say this to thee, this night, you will not switch sides in this hour, for it has already been set in stone for those that are righteous shall be righteous and those that are unholy shall be unholy. There will be many, says God, that say no, we are like you, but thus says God, I am pulling back the cover of mens’ hearts in this hour and I am going to reveal them.”

We see this same line in Revelation 22:11, echoing the prophet Daniel who said, 

“Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and to be tried, smelted, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but the teachers and those who are wise shall understand,” (Dan 12:10). 

In the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25), we see the same event taking place. The five wise took oil in their lamps, while the foolish didn’t take enough. When the time came to go and meet the bridegroom (Christ) those with no oil were unable to go meet Him, and therefore, shut out of the marriage chamber for eternity. If we understand the oil as symbolic of the teachings of the Holy Spirit, given by those anointed to bring the revelation, then we see these same two groups of people at the end of the age. The remnant, who have been buying oil (teachings) and have understanding of Christ’s coming are being purified by the oil; while the foolish (the church) didn’t want the knowledge of the Lord and have no real understanding of God, but wanted to believe they were fine because they prayed a prayer.

The church thinks God is the love that they understand, but according to the prophecy they are getting ready to see the judgment of the Lord sweep through the earth.

God said,

“I am getting ready to judge the unholy, the hypocrite, the false prophet, the wolves in sheep’s clothing and every church that says we love Jesus but we don’t want Him in our house.” Early church father, Irenaeus, 

“So men also, when they become careless, and bring forth for fruit the lusts of the flesh like woody produce, are rendered, by their own fault, unfruitful in righteousness. For when men sleep, the enemy sows the material of tares; (Mat 13:25) and for this cause did the Lord command His disciples to be on the watch. (Mat 24:42, Mat 25:13; Mar 13:33) And again, those persons who are not bringing forth the fruits of righteousness, and are, as it were, covered over and lost among brambles, if they use diligence, and receive the word of God as a graft, (Jam 1:21) arrive at the pristine nature of man — that which was created after the image and likeness of God.” [9]

Kent said the Lord showed him that funeral homes will be backed up with dead bodies because of the judgment of the Lord that is getting ready to sweep through the land. As more light is being shed on the covid ‘vaccine’, many reports of adverse reactions and new variants are taking place among those vaccinated. Reports from top virologists say those who have been injected will be dead within 2-3 years due to the nature of what they are seeing in them. [10] Couple this information with the push from Evangelist Franklin Graham, who continues to urge Christians to get their “vaccine” [11], and we may see the prophecy of dead bodies lined up. Where has the faith of the church gone? Luke tells us that God will defend, protect, and avenge His elect (chosen) but, when He comes, will He find faith on the earth? (ref Lk 18:8). The testing has gone forth, take an unknown ‘vaccine’, or trust in the Word of the Lord. 

The Lord spoke through Christmas saying,

“I have warned, I have warned, I have warned…”

Three warnings mean the Lord has issued a final judgment to the church. The demons have gone unopposed because the church has gotten drunk on prosperity and fame. He said His platforms have been soiled with ungodliness and unholiness so in this hour….starting in 2022, God said it will be a move of purity. Those who God has raised up will be a no name generation, broken of fame and recognition. They have undergone a purification process and died to the flesh through the teachings of the revelation. 

This virgin move is a move that has never known man, as Mary never knew a man in the natural, this church will have never known flesh in the natural or in the spirit. Prior to having had their eyes opened, the scripture in Luke says, they did not know Him. In both instances, the word ‘know’ is the Greek word Ginosko, and speaks of perceiving and understanding, but it also refers to intercourse. [12] Meaning, they have never been impregnated with the seed of revelation to have their minds/eyes opened. Just as Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit to conceive Christ, this remnant has been impregnated by the Spirit of Elijah to birth Christ again. The Lord said He is raising up a Mary generation that is full of the power and the glory of the Lord and before this year’s out, He is getting ready to fulfill that which the prophets have spoken.

This (remnant) church will make hell quake because of the power and glory and admonition of the Spirit of the Lord.

“This is war! Hell declared war on heaven!”, says God. “I will make them regret the day they ever declared war on Me, because through Jesus fought the enemy on Calvary, I am raising up my Bride to fight the enemy in the last days.”

According to what the Lord showed Kent, this move will be in the coliseums, it will be in the stadiums that took the Lord’s day and empty His houses, and they will come by the hundreds of thousands. This confirms the word given to Apostle Michael Petro, that after the move to Texas, when the harvest begins to come in, they will move to stadiums to teach. The sick will be healed without the laying on of hands, and even young children will receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are truly stepping into the time and season that Paul talked about in 1 Corinthians when he said,

“Eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared for those who love Him”, (1 Co 2:9).

While many in the congregation clapped, cheered, and shouted ‘Amen!’, the alarming realization is that not all are part of this company (the remnant) that Christmas was speaking of. The Lord said judgment begins in His house (1 Pe 4:17) and we are witnessing the judgment. The question needs to be asked, am I part of this remnant church, or am I with those who were shut out of the wedding? Do I look like Joel’s army, or Gideon’s 300, or am I waiting for the Lord to come back and take the church away?

If you are unsure or unprepared we encourage you to visit us at You can begin buying the oil for preparation of the coming glory by signing up for the VOD platform and access thousands of hours of teachings at


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