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The word Torah (Law) is defined as ‘instruction’. By understanding the true Torah, we gain a desire for knowledge of the Lord. Walking out (being obedient to) the Torah produces the love of knowledge in us. Love is keeping the commandments and doing so will lead us to immortality.


Now, discoursing on knowledge, Solomon speaks thus: “For wisdom is resplendent and fadeless, and is easily beheld by those who love her. She is beforehand in making herself known to those who desire her. He that rises early for her shall not toil wearily. For to think about her is the perfection of good sense. And he that keeps vigils for her shall quickly be relieved of anxiety. For she goes about, herself seeking those worthy of her (for knowledge belongs not to all); and in all ways, she benignly shows herself to them.” (Wisd_6:12-15) Now the paths are the conduct of life, and the variety that exists in the covenants. Presently he adds: “And in every thought, she meets them,” (Wisd. 2:16) being variously contemplated, that is, by all discipline. Then he subjoins, adducing love, which perfects by syllogistic reasoning and true propositions, drawing thus a most convincing and true inference, “For the beginning of her is the truest desire of instruction,” that is, of knowledge; “prudence is the love of instruction, and love is the keeping of its laws; and attention to its laws is the confirmation of immortality; and immortality causes nearness to God. The desire of wisdom leads, then, to the kingdom.” (Wisd_6:17-20)

For he teaches, as I think, that true instruction is desire for knowledge; and the practical exercise of instruction produces love of knowledge. And love is the keeping of the commandments which lead to knowledge. And the keeping of them is the establishment of the commandments, from which immortality results. “And immortality brings us near to God.”

~Clement- Stromata Book VI Vol. 2

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