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Live in Texas: Let Us Worship

The Lord is connecting people and opening up doors. During the week of May 3-4, 2021, one of our Lead vocalists at The Voice of Healing, Kalia Espinosa, was able to sing with Sean Feucht and Eddie James at two outdoor concerts. One was in Corpus Christi, the other in Houston, TX. I was able to connect with Kalia as she shared her experience.

I was curious about how she got connected with the band and she went on to tell me that Brittany Salsberry – who works in The Voice of Healing’s Social Media Department – met Scott, the music director for Sean who has been setting up Let Us Worship’s tours in different cities around the US. The meeting occurred at Corona Del Mar where one of the events took place, and as the presence of God moved among the crowd, this divine connection happened. Scott was looking for a female back up vocalist and he asked Brittany if she knew of any one, and this is how the door opened up for Kalia.

During the first night, they were in Corpus Christi with Eddie James, a well-known worship musician who is very powerful in worship ministry. Kalia shared how her experience was very eye-opening to how the Lord wants to move on His people. Many people came to worship and receive Jesus, but there was no discipleship, no fathersip, and no plan where these people can come and really walk out their salvation. They come and get touched, but there is nothing deeper for them. It was an opportunity to see that people are really hungry for the presence of the Lord, but there must be a deeper plan of action to edify the people in the Word.

In ending here is what Kalia said: 

“At any moment you just have to be ready for wherever the Lord sends us out. We are all in training right now and no matter where we are at, if we are sent somewhere across the world or wherever we are, we just have to be ready. You never know when the Lord is going to use you to just reach that one person.” 


Many came and they were hungry for the Lord. They were seeking a touch from the Father. They were expecting a change. We know all about change here at the VOH ministries. There is not one of us who hasn’t been transformed here and Kalia is one of them. She was open to sharing what the Lord has done in her life and  where He is leading her. She is always ready to share who Jesus really is. Just ask her and you will see. For more on the concerts check out our bio here.  

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