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Miracles.  What are they? Would we know what one looks like today with our modern technologies and all the things that we can empirically explain? What of the soul?  What of the mind? Because we can surgically repair a limb after a trauma, or do cardiovascular surgery or neurosurgery, and based on observation characterize moods, thought patterns and/or certain behaviors as mental illness dismiss the idea of miracles. We ascribe to logic the truth, because we can explain how a virus works or how anything for that matter works. We can just Google it and there is all kinds of information about something. So what would make a miracle?

Jesus said that these signs would follow those that believed in His character and function (His name): it’s not just a marker. Jesus means God our Savior. He wants us to be just like Him, to be the many saviors coming from “mount Zion” (1). Meaning, when we get the mind of Christ which is the mind of God, then we think like God and see as God; the Christ in us to become One with God. We can do the things that God does (2), that is: to cast out demons, heal the sick, be immune from poisons e.t.c. (3), which is what His disciples did when they went out to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. But how does it happen? It is a process. It’s a journey that takes us from one state of understanding to another; i.e. understanding the mind of God through the process of revelation by His holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit (4).

In Proverbs 9:10, it says

“the fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom”.

Because the ultimate thing is to have the Wisdom of God or the MIND OF GOD that is the thinking or understanding of God. So it starts with fear, but what is that fear? We have to get a new mind. (5) It is not a phobic or cowering fear that God is gonna get you. It is a wonder, a respect and honor; a desire to become that Wisdom which is God. So it starts off with a process. The temple, which Paul spoke about is the mystery of God in us, that Moses brought the pattern of in heaven, is what we are to become.

So Paul asks the question

“don’t you know that you are the temple of God and His Spirit dwells in you? ” (5).

There is a story about a Roman centurion in the time of Christ, who due to the Jewish traditions was a pagan and could not go into a Jewish home or synagogue, and believed he was worthy for Jesus to visit him, saw Jesus going around healing people by the power of God and believed that Jesus could heal his servant. So, he said to Jesus,

“speak a word and my servant will be healed”.

And so it was. But how did Jesus do it? It was not with a potion from Dr. Luke or other pharmachia, it was by faith in His Father. Jesus spoke the Voice of God, the character of God to heal.  The bible records Lazarus, Jesus’ good friend that died from leprosy. He was buried for days and, by the account, his body was decomposing in the hot Middle eastern sun and was stinking by the time Jesus arrived. Lazarus’ sisters, Mary, Martha and the community were mourning. Going to the tomb, Jesus called His friend Lazarus back to life in front of all the witnesses. Wrapped in grave clothes, Jesus commanded them to take the grave clothes off of Lazarus. Jesus says of our generation

“greater works than these you will do” (7);

so do we believe Him or not?  Here at the Voice of healing, we have seen so many ‘signs following’; which is due to a proper understanding of the Word of God, which is real to see. This is what Paul says: that His invisible power and Godhead can be

“clearly seen being understood by the things that are made” (8).

Jesus and the Father only speak in parables.  So, the power of His Word that healed, that created, that set the captives free; meaning the power by which the demons were cast out was the Voice, which is the Voice of God.  That Voice has been placed in Apostle Michael Petro and at least five persons have been raised from the dead by that same power in that Voice. There have been many signs and wonders and miracles because of the anointing in the Life and power of The Voice.  Last Sunday was one of those times.  Moved by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT, Apostle Petro called out many things that he saw including lactose intolerance, floaters, lower back pain, and retinal hemorrhages which were healed and much more.  He spoke the WORD and the healings manifested. We are the Voice of Healing and because of the underlying belief in the power of God, in the power of the

“engrafted Word”

which is Christ (9), is able to save our souls we are experiencing miracles. That is the greater work according to the early church fathers.  It is not just growing back a limb, or a physically blind eye, which has happened with the Apostle Michael. It’s not just opening their physical ears which has happened with Apostle Michael or raising physically dead people: these are the signs that Jesus said would follow. The question is do we believe or do we try to rationalize it away? These signs are for the non-believers so that they may have faith in the revealed Christ. As Jesus says,

“let it be according to your faith”.

But how much faith does a dead person have to be raised? Paul said he is crucified with Christ but the life that he (Paul) lived was by the faith of Christ in him (10). It was not a physical crucifixion, but a transformation of mind through understanding the revelation of Christ, the Son of God: the gospel being unveiled from the parables.

So, if you’re in need of a miracle, join us here at the Voice of healing and come with an expectation. He is the same God who created us in His image, came to save us (Jesus means Savior), and is showing us the “way the Truth and the Life” (11) back to the Father. So be encouraged. The Father’s Voice is still the Voice of Healing. Until next time, expect a miracle! (maybe the link to the website to see some of the miracles that happened)


Pastor Roni


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