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Nate Johnson


After his recent prophetic dream, Nate Johnson has released the following specific mandates for the church:

  • Pack the heavens over Roe vs Wade – as we are at a tipping point
  • Pray for a window between now and 2023 – 50yrs since RVW
  • Cry out for the restoration of innocence upon this generation and Mal 4:5-6 anointing

Roe vs Wade was a case in the Supreme Court where a landmark decision was made that changed the nation – the courts abated the Texas statue which banned abortions, thereby legalizing a woman’s choice to have an abortion based on the right to privacy protected by 14th amendment. This decision split the country, and has been a main contender among the conservative, pro-life voices and the more liberal, pro-choice advocates. This decision of the court legalized what was once deemed immoral and illegal and so placed the nation on God’s scales.  

In addition to the mandates given to him for the church, Johnson said that in the dream he found himself walking through a car park with Lou Engle. They were looking for the right car to get in because God was ‘changing the vehicle’. They stopped at a car with a flier on it that read, “The invasion”, which Johnson said referred to a new movement that was beginning. At the end of his dream, Engle said to him: “Keep your eyes on the triangle cities”, and Johnson was shown a map of Texas and saw the triangle of Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. He said, “I feel like where Roe v Wade began is going to be a great move of God as this comes to a head.”

As we examine this prophetic dream there are several overlaying factors to consider:

  • How do the mandates given to the church line up with changing to a new vehicle?
  • Why is the word invasion written on a flyer on that new vehicle?
  • What has the triangle cities of Texas got to do with this?

Let’s begin to break it down and see what the Lord is revealing for us to step into in this season.

The call to pack the heavens is a petition. What does it mean to petition a thing? In the ancient Hebrew, petition means to seek for something that is not known. Its root means to draw out, or get something out of something or someone. A related word from the same root speaks of claiming the spoils after battle which lines up with the result of a petition – to obtain that which you did not know / have, but sought to know / have. [1]

The second mandate was to pray for the window between now and the 50-year anniversary of RVW – the year 2023. In the Ancient Hebrew, the root to the word for fifty is five, and speaks of grabbing something by the fingers – symbolically, this is talking about the five-fold ministry, or of teaching. A related word from the same root means to be prepared for battle in the sense of grabbing weapons. [3] God tells us that His people are destroyed from lack of knowledge, and we know that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God so we can begin to see that knowledge of the Word is our Spiritual weapon of choice.

In the book of Leviticus, the Children of Israel were called to mark the sabbaths of years; seven times seven or 49 (a Shemitah year) – the 50th year was called being a jubilee (ref Lev 25).

“And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you; and each of you shall return to his possession, and each of you shall return to his family” (Lev 25:10). 

Origen, in his commentary on the book of Matthew, gives us even deeper meaning.

“Then since there are different orders of those who need the food which Jesus supplies and all are not nourished by equal words, on this account I think Mark has written, “And He commanded them that they should all sit down in ranks by hundreds and by fifties;” but Luke, “And He said unto His disciples, Make them sit down in companies of about fifty each.” For it was necessary that those who were to find rest in the food of Jesus should either be in the order of the hundred-the sacred number-which is consecrated to God, because of the unit, (in it) or in the order of fifty-the number which embraces the remission of sins, in accordance with the mystery of the Jubilee which took place every fifty years, and of the feast of Pentecost.” [4]

The sound of the trumpet blast was to be heard on the jubilee, which the Septuagint calls “a trumpet blast of liberty.” The Hebrew word for the blowing of trumpets is Teruah, which means a great shout of alarm, or of war, or of rejoicing [5]; The word Jubilee in the Hebrew is Yobel and means an instrument flowing with air, a ram’s horn or trumpet. [6] When we search the scriptures, we can begin to see that this is not just talking about a musical instrument, but the instruments of God – Jeremiah, Isaiah, and John the Revelator all confirm that their voice is a trumpet (Jer 6:17, Isa 58:1, Rev 1:10). The Jubilee of God is not just speaking of the sounding musical instruments, but speaks of God’s instruments, His prophets flowing with air, which is His breath, or His Spirit – it symbolises the prophetic voice that God uses to sound His message. There must be a trumpet sound, in order to see the year of the Jubilee, and without the prophetic voices sounding the alarm and giving the blast for war, there can be no proclaiming of liberty to the land. 

“For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for battle?” (1Co 14:8)

This falls in line with Johnson’s third mandate: the cry for the restoration of the innocence upon this generation and the Malachi 4:5-6 anointing. How? This is a specific mandate and anointing as it speaks of Elijah coming before the great and terrible day of the Lord: 

“Behold I send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord. And he shall turn and reconcile the hearts of the [estranged] fathers to the [ungodly] children, and the hearts of the [rebellious] children to [the piety of] their fathers [a reconciliation produced by repentance of the ungodly], lest I come and smite the land with a curse and a ban of utter destruction”, (Mal 4:5-6).

How does this relate to trumpets? Because we just learned that the trumpets are the prophets of God, the trumpets are the Apostles, and these are the fathers to whom Malachi says the hearts of the children are to turn to – how can the innocence of children be established without being protected and raised up by a father? This prophetic word isn’t speaking of natural fathers and children, but of the fathers of the faith being restored and reinstated into the structure of the church to labour and birth the Christ nature in believers. Paul said there were many instructors but few fathers (1 Co 4:15) and that he was an apostle who was birthing Christ in us (Gal 4:19). There are many Christians without spiritual fathers (apostles) in the church who are unable to grow beyond the milk of the Word (Heb 6:1-2). Christ is sown in us by releasing the seed of the Word (Lk 8:11) – but is that seed opening up to birth Christ in us? The revelation of Christ is in that seed and has the power to bring transformation to our lives; the Apostles are the oxen that tread out that seed to break it open, or provide the deeper teaching to break through that veil. False teachers have no revelation, and therefore, cannot open the seed to birth Christ in their disciples – they are unable to reproduce Sons of God. This is why so many in churches are still struggling with sin in their life. There is no revelation, no truth, no restoration in their minds. The churches are not hearing the sound of the trumpets and preparing for the battle in their mind to bring them to truth and freedom. The Jubilee marks a return to our possession and to our families; if our family is raised on teaching without revelation, lack of truth, and the lies of the enemy, then we are not in truth; we are not going to be very happy with the possession we are returned to. If we are raised on a closed seed, on a seed that has remained veiled, a seed of the flesh or literal understanding, then that will be our possession at the Jubilee. But if that seed is cracked open and we see the spiritual meaning, life can come in, which is Christ in you the hope of glory. We are transformed into His image and our possession begins to be sealed in Him.

Jesus told His disciples that Elijah would come to restore all things (Matt 17) and we can clearly see this did not occur at the time of Jesus, and has yet to occur. Those who carry the Elijah mandate are messengers sent from God (trumpets) to bring the revelation of the mysteries of the scriptures to light (jubilee). They open the veil that lies over scripture, give us an apocalypse, revealing what has been hidden. If we believe in denominations that say there are no new revelations, then why does Revelation 10:7 say, “At the sound of the last trump, the mystery of God will be fulfilled, as declared by His servants the prophets?” Has the mystery of God been fulfilled, and if so, can the church explain it?

If we are not flexible to new revelations, and continue to hold on to old denominational thinking, how can we continue to be transformed into His image? How will we make it into what God has planned? When the Israelites were on their journey to the Promised Land, those who would not leave their old ways of thinking, or hear the prophetic voice of Moses or Joshua, were left behind in the wilderness. During a recent teaching Apostle Michael Petro explained, “The apocalypse is not the end of the world, it’s the building of the final church that will operate in the glory of God.” The latter church will be greater than the former (ref Hag 2:9), so there must be new revelations revealed to the latter church in order for it to step back into glory. 

If we have a look at what is being said above, we see that where Johnson is calling the church to petition heaven, God is really asking us to inquire after Truth. We must remove those seven seals from the scroll in the Book of Revelation, so we are able to take the spoils of the war (truth) against our carnal minds, which is the veil, or the flesh. In recalling the Roe v Wade case, we have a short window of time before the 50yr anniversary, which marks a jubilee, where there is a return to our possession, a return to our family – this signifies a sealing. The jubilee is marked by the sounding of a trumpet, or a prophetic voice sounding the call to war – the Book of Revelations speaks of what the Lord gives to those that overcome, those that can win this war. The trumpet is the voices of the apostles and prophets, who carry the spirit of Elijah, and open the scriptures so our veils can be removed. In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul said,

“But even if our Gospel (the glad tidings) also be hidden (observed and covered up with a veil that hinders the knowledge of God), it is hidden [only] to those who are perishing and obscured [only] to those who are spiritually dying and veiled [only] to those who are lost” (2 Co 4:3).

The Bible says first the natural and then the spiritual (1 Corinthians 15:46). This call to reverse the Roe v Wade laws, and remove the ability to legally abort a baby, and the subsequent restoration of innocence lost points to something taking place in the spiritual realm. Are babies being aborted in the Spiritual realm? Are we legally allowed to stop the birth of Christ in the church by veiling new Christians to the teachings of the Apostles and the revelation of the Word? There are tens of thousands of different churches with different understandings of the Word, different Jesus’ if you will, even though Paul said that those who taught a different Jesus would be damned to hell; it is now accepted and commonplace. There must be an atonement for the loss of innocent lives to false teaching in the churches. Will the fathers, apostles and prophets, be inquired upon to release the true Word that the children can take the spoils of that war? The real Jubilee is the freedom from the flesh, from the veil in our minds when we have a true understanding of God’s Word. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Jn 8:32). The war begins in our mind as the truth is released by the Apostle to come in to battle our old mindsets. When we hear the truth, we have a choice to make: we can accept it and fight against our current understanding and mindsets to receiving liberty, and knowledge of God and His Son, which is the truth that sets us free; or we can reject it, which is ultimately a rejection of Jesus because He is the truth. This is a spiritual abortion: an abortion of the man-child which would otherwise be nurtured into this realm through the labour of Spiritual Fathers forming Christ in you, to mature you to be mighty in the kingdom and armed for war, ready to go out and decimate this wickedness on the planet, ruling the nations with a rod (teaching) of iron.

So this trumpet for the Jubilee is a prophetic voice bringing teaching, which starts a war in our minds against our natural understanding, to lead us to liberty (freedom). We also know that whom the Son sets free is free, and by this we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free; we begin to see that as the Son is truth, and learning that truth brings freedom and a release from captivity. We can then piece together that lack of that truth means we are not free, but slaves. With this understanding we see that the bondage of sin is actually not having truth.

We might dismiss this idea by wondering how truth can set us free from the sinful actions of lying, stealing and cheating? The Bible says these are the works of the flesh – our fruit. The fruit is produced from the seed; if our seed is veiled, it is a seed of the flesh so we can only produce fruit of the flesh. This seed of the flesh is not truth. We can see an example in the world today with the Covid-19 virus. The narrative everywhere is that we are saved by a ‘vaccination’, but this is a lie because what is being pushed is not a vaccine at all but a gene therapy which conscripts your body to create a toxin to ‘allegedly’ train your body to deal with it, unlike a vaccine which is supposed to trigger an immune response [7]. What is happening? Those that have rejected the vaccine (parable to holding onto truth) are receiving an increasing pressure world wide by the majority believing the lie. We are beginning to see that most hospitalizations and infections are actually being seen in those who have received their ‘vaccine’. [8] In the parable, those in the church are full of sin. The solution has become an increase in the number of ‘boosters’ to be considered safely ‘vaccinated’ from Covid. The parable is to continue to ask forgiveness from God.. to ‘repent’, which is actually not what repent means. The truth is this ‘vaccine’ was never meant to protect against Covid, but forms part of a much larger agenda. It is now being called gene therapy or modification. [9] The parable is that the word of God is veiled and was never our path to salvation – the revelation of that Word is. If the truth of the ‘vaccine’ injuries and deaths came out for the general public’s knowledge, how many would continue to believe the narrative of the ‘vaccine’? Would the mandates hold up? The parable is the revelation of the Word; the difficulty is, the narrative has been a lie but is believed as truth. The real truth has been suppressed by the rulers; therefore, many have blindly accepted the narrative. Many are slaves because they are ignorant of the truth. The parable is that the rulers are to whose possession we will each return to; the rulers are our family, and the ruler of those that are believing the lie is not God at all…

“And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon.” (Rev 9:11)

If truth was the number one priority, many could see for themselves and make decisions. Jesus said the Light had come into the world, but men loved darkness more than the Light because their works were wicked. They shrink from the Light so their deeds are not exposed, but those who practice truth, come into the light so their works can be revealed, (ref Jn 3:19-21). We were once in that darkness, or ignorance of the real Gospel; but once the revelation came, the veils were removed from the Word, and we were able to see and walk in the Light. The sound of the trumpet brings the revelation of truth, and to those that hear that trumpet and take up that battle in the mind begin to be birthed into the family and kingdom of God… their jubilee, their sealing is one of liberty into the mind of Christ. But those that do not heed that trumpet, remain in the family of anti-Christ, anti-anointing – Christ is not birthed in them, but aborted and their jubilee, their sealing will result in a great weeping and gnashing of teeth – the mark of the beast.

As we approach the changing of vehicle’s to one which is for invasion, we point out that everything prior to this point (covered above) relates to an ascension in our understanding. This really relates to the creation of fathers and the turning of their hearts to the children. From the crying out over Christ not being birthed in the church (RVW), to the window of opportunity to blow the trumpet sound of war, and release the prophetic teaching into the church before it is too late, to the restoration of innocence, or the ability for children to be raised up by mature Spiritual Apostles and prophets, a preparation for battle if you will. Johnson then said that the new vehicle they came to read ‘invasion’. This invasion is speaking of a new move that is beginning. An invasion is the act of entering in, spreading apart, or invading typically in battle. In Greek, it equivalates to a coming into being, arising, being established, transitively it means to turn back to the worship of God, intransitively to turn one’s self back. [10] The Israelites, under Joshua, invaded the promised land to receive their inheritance. 

“For it was proper that Moses should lead the people out of Egypt, but that Jesus (Joshua) should lead them into the inheritance.” [11]

There is an invasion of the kingdom of heaven as we turn back to truth, through the process of revelation. As it is said in Matthew, ‘the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force’. It’s time to take the land! This is no longer a time of preparing, but crossing and taking the land. This is the fathers going to the harvest with truth. When the crossing takes place, those who don’t do it, or can’t do it, don’t get in. The prophetic words being released are not for the church, the only ones who will cross are the remnant – the fathers. The patterns of the Bible have not changed: ‘many are called, few are chosen’ (Matt 22:14). The many are the ecclesia or the church, while the chosen are the elect, the remnant, those who are ‘left behind’ – the fathers. This prophetic dream is marking a separation of the fathers who have ascended in their understanding in order to invade and take the land, to take the harvest; and those in the church who rejected the sound of the trumpets and think they are going to fly away.

So what is the changed vehicle?

Apostle Michael Petro shared that Bob Jones once said vehicles speak of ministry. Vehicles are our means of travelling from one place to another: the ministry of releasing God’s word is supposed to take His people from a place of foolishness, or lack of knowledge, to a place of wisdom, or to know God – the ministry is one of ascension in our understanding of who He is, but also to multiply across the nations. We are stepping into a time where God is going to change the ministry.

In the pattern of the temple, we can see three parts: the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies. In the Holy Place was the anointing oil in the menorah, while the glory of God was concealed behind the veil in the Holy of Holies. The menorah filled with oil is symbolic of the church (Rev 1:20), and this change speaks of the church that is going through the veil (having an apocalypse), ascending into the Holy of Holies to be in the glory of God. 

Two thousand years ago we changed vehicles from that of purifying the flesh (Outer Court) – the physical law requiring physical sacrifices and washing with physical water; to that of the Soul (Holy Place) – the spiritual law requiring spiritual sacrifices and washing with the spiritual water of the washing of the word. These past two thousand years have been the ministry of the anointing – buying the anointing oil as it is released, to light our lamps for the next ministry. We are moving from the Holy Place to the Holy of Holies… into the ministry of the shekinah glory of God. This is the entering of the new age. From the age of the anointing, the baptism in the Spirit and anointing of the Holy Place, which veil Jesus opened for us two thousand years ago, to the age of the glory… the shekinah glory of God through the second veil, the apocalypse, the fullness of the baptism of fire of the Holy of Holies, and receiving of the promised glorified body – this is the new vehicle to take the land and decimate the kingdom of darkness on this earth. As we receive new revelation released through the apostolic and prophetic voices (trumpets) we go through the ascension or rapture. 

The early church never taught that a rapture was to escape; they taught that we would rule and reign here on earth in the glory as we see explained by Origen.

“But “the Son of man shall come in the glory of His own Father” not alone, but “with His own angels.” And if you can conceive of all those who are fellow-helpers in the glory of the Word, and in the revelation of the Wisdom which is Christ, coming along with Him, you will see in what way the Son of man comes in the glory of His own Father with His own angels. But when the Word comes in such form with His own angels, He will give to each a part of His own glory and of the brightness of His own angels, according to the actions of each.” [12]

This move is going to be a release of glory and will be an invasion like no one has ever seen. The Lord has been telling Apostle Petro “it’s time to take the land.”

A final portion of the dream was to focus on the triangle cities in Texas, with Houston highlighted. Two years ago, this same prophet Johnson spoke of a move starting in Los Angeles, and the return of The Voice of Healing. [13] That was exactly the time that the then ‘Forerunner Ministries’ was changing their name to The Voice of Healing. Not long after, words were released to confirm what the Lord had spoken to Apostle Michael Petro fifteen years earlier, that the ministry would move to Houston. Fast forward to today, immediately after the ministry has relocated to Houston, we see this same prophet, Johnson, speak of the move about to start in Texas, in the three areas which Apostle Mike has been speaking at. What amazing confirmation! Hallelujah!

Over the last few weeks, Apostle Petro and VOH have attended the ReAwaken Tour in San Antonio and Dallas, with talks of hosting a conference at the new building in Houston. If we look at a map, these three cities form the triangle shape Johnson spoke of. Apostle Petro said a massive move is coming from here, and Houston would be the hub for the final move, echoing Johnson’s dream. Interestingly, the function of a hub on a vehicle is quite critical as it not only attaches the wheels to the car, but allows for driving and swiveling of the wheel to steer the vehicle. Without the hub, or if there is a problem with it, the vehicle is not going to go where it needs to. Houston is the hub city that is going to steer and drive this move of God to bring in the final harvest. What is about to break out in Houston – the revelation, healing, and deliverance through the Elijah companies – is going to be what drives this revival forward for other cities and nations. 

We are getting ready to see the greatest outpouring of the Spirit and the biggest harvest the world has ever seen, and many prophets are saying it will start in just a few weeks. Other prophetic voices are coming into alignment saying that the time for the church is done – the remnant are positioned to take the land and bring in the harvest of the nations. The souls of the lost, the unborn, and the innocent are crying out, and unfortunately the church has done little to fight for them. God is looking for those who want to go into the Promised Land and fight for their inheritance. He doesn’t need masses, He only needs a remnant of fighters who have a deep desire to seek Him, and understand and execute His plans. Like Gideon’s 300, the trumpets are blowing for war, it’s time for an invasion of God’s remnant to take the land!


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