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NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant Admits “New World Order”


In this press release from one of Australia’s key political figures, the New South Wales Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant – we hear a term being used which has been spoken about for centuries: the New World Order. In her release, she describes a new way of life after the reopening of the economy.

Since the outset of the ‘Corona Virus’, Australia has been placed into extended periods of restrictions and lock-downs,1 that are crippling the economy and forcing Australians to turn to the government for support. The country is operating under unprecedented guidelines where businesses have been forced to close their doors2; people have been unable to go to work; plus incessant police harassment against the public with bullying and unlawful arrests and fines for not wearing a mask or appearing to be somewhere outside of an allowable 5km (3 mile) travel radius3. There have even been occurrences of parents restricted from being able to see their newborn babies!4.

The World Economic Forum has stated that the ‘Corona Virus’ is a great opportunity for what they term as the Great Reset5 – where the world economy will be re-shaped so that no one will own anything. Everything is free and everything is shared. What used to be a product will become a service. Interestingly, this same agenda was discussed well before the Corona Virus in 20166. But if you look into the same agenda points, it becomes clear that this current plan has been on the cards for much, much longer.

The Great Reset is termed as a reset of capitalism. It aligns with the definition of Socialism which, by Marxist Leninist theory, is the intermediate stage between today’s capitalism and the future of communism7. Marxist-Leninist theory is an expanded form of Marxism and emphasises imperialism (a forceful extension of the rule over people and nations) as the final stage of capitalism8. Marxism itself is defined as a scenario where the capital state (government as we know it) is completely removed and the working class are under complete dictatorship. This creates a communist utopia which is characterised by a classless society where citizens will be supported by (and be subject to) the state in a socialist society – picture the dystopian societies portrayed in literature, or Hollywood. What was lacking in Marxism was the method in which the end objective would be achieved – there was no plan as to how the state could die, or how a revolution could happen. This is where Marxism-Leninism9 (the main communism ideology of the 20th century) superseded the old, by providing the plan of implementation to lead the working class toward the violent overthrow of capitalism and allow a tyrannical dictatorship to step in and rule in the first stage of the move towards communism10. This assault has a process known as the four stages of the communist-diabolical complex11. This consists of:

  1. Demoralisation – education and manipulation of the populace through the media giving out fake news and dis-information
  2. Destabilisation – replacement of individual liberty with new arrangements of centralised power
  3. Crisis – a short term catastrophic event dividing the country to invoke a revolutionary change of power
  4. Normalisation – submission of the populace under the tyranny, where the appearance of peace and security disguises the bitterness of the tyranny 

What is interesting, is that the plan of the Great Reset as described by the World Economic Forum mirrors a plan set in motion after a meeting in 1773 where Mayer Amschel Rothschild assembled twelve of his most influential friends and convinced them that by pooling their resources, they could rule the world12. He nominated Adam Weishaupt who, three years later, established a secret society called the Order of the Illuminati. This society sought to establish a New World Order, and set out with the following objectives:

  1. Abolition of all ordered governments
  2. Abolition of private property
  3. Abolition of inheritance
  4. Abolition of patriotism
  5. Abolition of the family
  6. Abolition of religion
  7. Creation of a world government 

At this stage, it is not hard to pull together many other alliances and events which reinforce the fact that the plan this people set out to achieve is still in motion today: the Illuminati joining together with Freemasonry 1782; Freemasonry membership throughout the leaders of world government since that time and the inherent symbolism built into the political buildings and structures; Satanism linked through world leaders; influential social terrorist group Black Lives Matter leadership as self-confessed Marxists13 and linked to ANTIFA which is further linked to the funding of the US Democratic Political Party and now the White House14; the associated controversy of the recent US governmental elections preceded by the incessant attack, ridicule and abuse of the one person who stood in the way of this one world agenda: the one who could not be brought – President Donald Trump. 

But we are not about the natural; in our house, we follow the Lord15

1Co 15:46 However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual.

While we see this manifestation coming to a completion in the natural, we are excited to share what this plan and establishment of a New World Order means in the Spiritual. To do so, let us establish a foundation:

The Hebrew language differs from the western language we know and understand today in that it is a concrete language, as opposed to us basing our communication on an abstract understanding of ideas. Abstract means that we use ways of speaking which can only be seen in the mind (easily miss-understood), whereas a concrete form of communication is more precise and uses methods which our five physical senses can receive. As an example, love in the abstract has many meanings depending on application. We can love our spouse, we can love our parents, or we can love our siblings – all are different forms of love. We can also love ice cream… different again. Our understanding of love varies with our experiences and is in our mind. In the Hebrew (concrete) however, love can be described as a gift, or a force that binds us to someone or something. Love is what we do or give for someone, an idea which is perfectly represented in the sacrificial love Jesus had by laying down His life for us. This is just one example of how the concrete language can take a word that we know and use abstractly with a conceptual understanding, and give it substance to the point it can be quantified.

The reason we emphasise this is because it needs to be understood that the language in which God speaks to us has a substance to it which goes beyond the concepts we naturally understand. With an understanding of His language, we can begin to see things that we cannot see through our language: we are able to take the earthly story of a parable, and project it to see the heavenly meaning with a substance that He creates in us through understanding.

There is a Hebrew word which carries a definition firmly aligned with the proposed New World Order. The Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible describes the word dabar (ref. Strongs #H1697) under one of its sub-headings as: the reordering of a population16. The sub-heading of this word is “Plague”. This is very important, because it was the plagues that led to the Exodus of the Hebrews (overcomers) from Egypt (a place of limiting God and being subject to the taskmasters of worldly cares) and from the rule of Pharaoh (double mindedness)17.

The fact that current world headlines in the news are describing an event (New World Order = re-ordering of the population = plague) that has the same function which gave rise to the exodus of God’s people from Egypt becomes very interesting when we understand that both the physical Jews and the early church believed that there would be another exodus for God’s people at the end of the age18 – an exodus even greater than the one from Egypt!

In moving forward, we need to remember that there is a positive and a negative for everything in the bible: every event and every definition. God gave us His Word in a parable19: His Word came as an earthly story, but it pointed to a different, heavenly meaning; to put it another way, what we read in the bible with literal understanding, is not what is really being said – God is actually pointing to a deeper, Spiritual understanding of what it means in the heavens. This difference spans two realms and covers two sides of the veil. Which side of the veil we are on depends on our understanding – do we see and understand the Word after the flesh (earthly, natural, carnal, literal understanding)? or after the Spirit20

This word dabar (ref. Strongs #H1697) with the sub-heading “Plague” and with the function of re-ordering the population, is actually the word “Word”. This is the same word used to describe the Word of God! How, and why might you ask? This is a concrete understanding: the impact of the word – which is an idea, an understanding, a way, a truth – can be quantified by what it does

to our understanding when we are confronted by it; after all, God, the Word, the truth, is at enmity with the carnal (natural) mind21

The seed is the Word22! There are two seeds23, which means there are two different understandings; the literal and the spiritual understanding. Naturally, when a seed is sown, tended and watered, a tree will grow and eventually produce fruit. Spiritually, if the seed is the Word, it grows as our understanding and the fruit of that seed becomes our actions, attitudes and emotions. The physical Jews had the same “Word” that we do – Jesus Christ. The problem is, without a revelation of the “Word” (Jesus Christ), it remains veiled – even if the “Word” is amongst a people. If the “Word” is veiled, the people will only see the flesh of the “Word”, or only understand the letter (natural understanding and literal interpretation) of scripture. If the veil remains over scripture, it does not allow the life of the “Word” to be seen, or, the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ to be consumed. What should be a blessing, becomes a curse if the teacher is sowing the wrong seed.

 The word “faith” means a conviction of truth, or what we are persuaded by24. So, the Word (seed) that we are persuaded by is what we have faith in. From our faith comes our belief, and through our belief we begin to produce our fruit. There are two seeds, so two beliefs, and two fruits – we either bear fruit of the flesh, or of the Spirit based upon our understanding, which in turn, is the result of our faith which is sown into us by our teacher. 

What this means is that the media (who are primarily owned by a select few) are actually cultivating our faith through the information they sow in us (seed = their Word = dis-information, fake news). If our belief is attacked we would obviously fight back and defend ourselves, but if we are persuaded and convinced that certain things are true, our faith will be changed and we will change our beliefs ourselves. This is a far superior method of manipulation than physical force – at least to start with. 

In the natural, one weed amongst a perfect lawn would stand out and be considered an intruder: a plague and something that should be removed. But if another weed came, then another, and another; until eventually the weeds took over the entire lawn; and then new people came, who only knew an expanse of well kept weeds, they would see the weeds not only as acceptable, but normal. From this place, the introduction of pure grass would stand out and be seen as the intruder, or the plague. It is all about perspective, and our perspective is derived from belief. 

Spiritually, the introduction of a weed (idea) into a few people several hundred years ago, saw the beginning of a transformation in the idea of what society considers normal, toward an overarching plan which has all but taken shape today. The final tares of a new way of understanding being sown now are giving us a last push to where we will wilfully submit our freedoms in the interests of our protection, that we walk into the open arms of oppression and think we are going to be comforted by it, because that is what we believe to be true. Naturally, this is a complete loss of control to an oppressive New World Order and a vulnerability to the final acceleration to the breaking of all of the moral rules we know – everything able to be justified by a ‘crisis’. The plague that we see in the natural, is one where the wicked are going to be ruling the earth. Interestingly, the bible includes a great amount of detail on tribulation and torment at the end of the age… but will the wicked be ruling?

The plagues in the Book of Revelation are not released by the wicked, but by the angels of God. These plagues are sent to bring a decimation to the wicked ones! The same angles are also blowing the trumpets; and we know that the trumpets are the prophets speaking25. So what do the prophets speak? The prophets speak the Word of God! And what is the Word of God? It is the plague! The prophets bring the plague. Why is it a plague? Because the Word being released is like a pure blade of grass popping up amongst an expanse of kept weed – it is a truth so foreign amongst the corruption of what has become normal through both the religious system and the world, that it causes a re-ordering of the population. God’s remnant is given the rod (teaching) to rule the nations,26 because the apocalypse – the removal of the veil (flesh) over the Word of God (Jesus Christ) – will bring a demonstration of Spirit and Power over the Spiritual realm that has never been seen before. The plague comes in the form of a teaching that will torment the souls of those that reject it, as God’s servants walk in the fullness of Him, sitting with Him on His throne,27 releasing His Word of truth28 – to go forth and divide the soul and Spirit and discern the thoughts and intents of the heart (inner man)29. It is this Word of truth being released by the prophets that is the real overarching Spiritual plague: the judge that all will be judged by, separating the tares to the fire, and gathering together those that hear the voice of God and the truth of His Word in His servants30.

So what does this mean? It means that the plagues of God have started and the sealing has commenced according to our understanding – to be sealed in either the mark of the beast, or the name of God31.

Are you an Egyptian under the rule of Pharaoh? Or are you listening to Moses? 

Are you seeing the world events right now in the natural and submitting to their rule? Rolling over to receive the mark of the beast and be ruled by the wicked in the tribulation of your flesh? The taskmasters of Egypt are certainly cracking the whip!

Or are you seeing God’s messengers and hearing the trumpet sounding the Word of truth in the Spiritual, submitting to the teaching? Are you dying to your old ways of understanding and glorying in the tribulation to your soul that the truth of the Word32 is doing as it brings you through the death process as the Word which is Spirit transforms your soul into His image,33 freeing you from the slavery34 and oppression of the physical reality trying to form your belief system?

Time is almost up! If you are not seeing this, there is not much time left to wake up and buy the oil. 

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