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Pastor Kent Christmas | Prophetic Word October 2020

Kent Christmas is a strong prophetic voice in this end time move. He brought forth a word of encouragement for the body of Christ in October 2020.

Kent Christmas shared prophetic insight to the next 4 years stating:

 “God said in days gone by there were demon spirits that offended me, and I removed them and put them in chains of darkness, thus saith the Lord. The next 4 years in this nation (USA) I am going to remove demons from  this country, and I am going to bind them by my own power, and  I am going to put them in prisons.”

When we read scripture from a prophetic understanding, or a revelatory understanding, we see here Kent Christmas is referencing the Book of Jude and the Book of Revelations. When he speaks of the chains he’s pointing to Jude 1:6:

“And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day.” [1] Jude 1:6

These prophetic scriptures references’ one third of the angels that fell from grace, those that  were thrown out of Heaven with Satan. We understand that there are two seeds in the earth,  one being the seed of darkness (Satan’s seed),  the other being the seed of light (God’s seed). We deem an understanding of what Kent Christmas is referencing when he states:

“God said in days gone by these were demon spirits that offended me and I removed them and put them in chains of darkness.”

His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born.  [1] Rev 12:4

Who is this manchild in the end time book of Revelations that is being born?

In Revelations 16:14 God makes reference to His children of the earth as those who are fighting to put on the mind of Christ, calling them Kings of the earth.

“For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.” [1] Rev 16:14

This Word from God is a strong word of encouragement to say God is with us. He sees everything that the demon spirit is doing in the earth and He is coming in His power and in His might to cast them out forever. He is equipping us in these times by maturing our understanding of His Word to fight, to put on everything that was lost. We are regaining the understanding that was lost in the fall of Adam, and in turn, mankind. This is a Word of Salvation. The Lord is now opening the door of true salvation for those who want to step in and fight. 

“The Lord says many of you have bound things in the spirit and now the Lords say I lose the Angels of God, even now. The Angels have left Heaven and are in the United States of America, and in the Earth. They are now binding demons that you have bound in the spirit; they are being bound in nature, says the Lord. There’s  going to be such a season of peace in this country for 4 years saith the Lord, we will look back and say we never saw this time, and we’ve never experienced this; but God said that the demon spirits have offended me and I have stood up in this hour says the Lord.”

“The Lord says I am stopping the killing of babies in this country,” says the Lord. “I am stopping the spirit of atheism in this nation,” says the Lord. “I am stopping the spirit of homosexuality in this nation” says God. “I did not raise this country to be a snake pit of demons, but I raised this nation to be a beacon of light in the whole world.”

Our Father in Heaven is a Father of order. He too has a governmental heavenly order. When the Lord gave Moses the commandments, or the Law, He was giving a direct blueprint of the order of Heaven. There are spiritual laws that govern both Heaven and Earth. The Lord is not for the killing of babies, He is not for his children not knowing or believing in who their true Father is.  He is not for homosexuality, which has a deeper spiritual issue, stemming from a loss of understanding in identity. 

God told His children that we are made in His image and His very likeness. God doesn’t kill. Satan kills. God is a life-giving force. God is all believing – He is all faith, hope and love. God stands and takes dominion over His Sovereignty. God is telling us He will not stand for the lies and deception that we have been fed through the fallen demonic spirits that have overpowered His children.

“I the Lord God saith today get ready as the calendar year changes so is there a turning of a page of the Spirit of the Most High.  That which has harassed you, that which has come against you,  and that which  has bound your children, that which has stolen from me saith the Lord, when I remove those demons  I will make them open their hands and empty their pockets.   When they go to Hell, they will go without anything that belongs to you.”

“I am releasing back into the  body of Christ  the power of the Holy Ghost and the joy of the Lord.  I am also going to break the spirit of Opioids in this nation.   For those that have not been able to function because of the heaviness and sorrow, I am loosing Joy in this house” saith the Lord your God. “Though the world has tried to curse the Church, I the Lord God says, I now take on the enemy and put on them what they  tried to put on my people, for I am the Lord. I have stood up and yes you are my beloved. I am going to empty heaven with the power of God. I am releasing to you abundance, even things you didn’t ask for they are coming by  the power of the Holy Ghost,”

“I am going to save entire cities”, says the Lord God.   “This is a God portal and out of this house is rolling a new anointing.  Get ready they are coming by the thousands,  because of the Glory of God.  I have waited a long time for this hour;  Heaven is getting ready to be released by the power of the Holy Ghost.   I bind the spirit of heaviness, I bind the spirit of depression,  I bind the devouring demon, and I will loose favor, favor, favor, it shall be done.” “Behold I do a new thing,” says the Lord, “I am no respecter of persons. I see generational spirits and curses that have attached themselves to you.  I break them in the name of Jesus, and I loose deliverance by the power of God from this day on – I see change for I have much for you to do in the Kingdom of God.  Chains broken in the name of Jesus.”

This is the call of a new day dawning.  The Lords’ day.  The millennium rule and reign with God.  No longer will the darkness rise on Earth. The Lord is coming after all the darkness from the Government to Hollywood. He is coming after the false church, the Babylon (mixed) teachings, God is coming after every area where His Word, His character and His very nature have been defiled by the corruption of the fallen mindset of man. In the next 4 years God will use His people to take back everything that was stolen by every demonic and evil force. God is having His day now. It is a new day. It is the Lord’s day. 

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