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Pastor Kent Christmas | Prophetic Word September, 2020

Kent Christmas has released another powerful message from the Lord for this time and season:

“We take dominion today over the powers of darkness that have ruled over our nation, and we command them to be broken in the name of Jesus.  For this is the hour of the church, says the Lord, and not the hour of man.  By the end of this year, says God, the greatest outpouring that you’ve ever seen is going to hit the United States of America.”

Christmas is again bringing the message of the coming judgement and restoration to the church and the nations.  His message from the beginning of this year was a warning to the body of Christ of the Lord’s plan and intentions for 2020.  Much of what he had released has already come to pass about sports and the plague.  The Lord is now coming after the powers of darkness that have ruled over this land, and the Jezebel spirit that has run a muck in the church. (Ref. Hab 2:8, Col 3:6)

He says the violence we are seeing in the land today with Antifa and BLM, to name a few, are demon spirits crying out, because the angels of the Lord have come to silence them for this hour. The muzzle the world put on the church, God is now removing and putting on the world.  Christmas goes on to say that the law of Heaven has been released and the church will no longer be silenced.  What does this mean, because we hear big name pastors and ministers of the church speaking and preaching in churches, television and on social media. This cannot be understood literally, but spiritually or symbolically. 

First, the carnal veil of understanding must be removed, and with spiritual eyes and ears put on. 

Apostle Michael Petro gives an apocalyptic teaching about this very thing. In his teaching of John the Baptist, he points out that John, who came in the spirit of Elijah, was God’s messenger.  The word messenger is the word for angel in the Greek (G32 in Strongs).  Apostle Petro also points out John the Baptist is a descendent of Aaron, whom the Lord had established the high priestly order through (Ref. Exo 28).  The ministry of the high priest is to the Lord, thus being the only ministry to have access behind the veil into the holy of holies, otherwise known as God’s throne on the earth.  The high priest wears the name of the Lord on his forehead.  

The book of Revelations mentions the ones with His name on their foreheads are His people.  They are His high priests or apostles who come in the spirit of Elijah as God’s angels to silence the demons.  These mighty men have been raised up in the law of heaven to remove the spirit of Jezebel and bring peace in the land.  

Apostle Paul says in the book of Romans that there are two laws:  the law of sin and death and the law of the spirit which brings life.  We know the law of the spirit is the revelation of

Christ in the Word. 

This is the gospel the holy spirit has revealed to the Lord’s chosen. 

This spiritual law is the same law which Jesus and His apostles operated in to heal the sick and deliverance.  We see in Acts 19, those in the letter of the law unsuccessfully taking someone through deliverance and actually receiving that demon into their souls. This is because they lacked the authority; they lacked the spiritual or righteous understanding of the law.  (Ref. Heb 10:20, 2 Cor 4:3-4, Eph 6:12, Mal 3:1, Matt 17:11, Rev 22:4, 1 Peter 2:9, Gen 28:12, Romans 8, Prov 25:2, Deut 29:29; 1 Cor 2, Acts 19:15)

Christmas goes on to say that the Lord is invading the homosexual communities in order to set them free.  He is also setting the church free from the spirit of intimidation and putting it on the world. He said the power of the Holy Spirit would be released, and that our bodies would be healed.  Sin would tarnish, and people will rise up to their feet.  This is the spirit of Elijah coming to restore all things; land and people. This healing must come from the release of the glory, which is the revelation or law of the spirit.  Through this washing by the revelatory word, our sins are being washed away, and we become purified.  

The power of the Holy Spirit will release such a boldness in His people that no longer would they be silenced let alone afraid.  Just as in the gospels Peter denied Christ three times out of fear, but after receiving the power of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, he spoke with such boldness and authority, so will God’s chosen.  The world will be silenced out of fear, because the presence of the Lord will be so great. (Ref. Hab 2:14, Eph 5:26, Psalms 51: 1-10, Php 2:5-6)

Christmas also mentions the final revival is upon us.  The Lord will be gathering His final harvest during the next four years, until 2024.  This move of God is unlike anything ever seen before.  Sports and entertainment will not recover, because everyone will be in the churches.  Young people that have never known God will come, and young kids will praise the Lord.  This is the restoration of all things.  The Kingdom of God coming to earth.  Hallelujah! (Ref. Joel 2:2)

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