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Pentecost will Be a Marker of a Major Shift into the “Manifestations of His Majesty”| Lana Vawser

On May 31, 2020, we welcomed and ushered in Pentecost. The feast of Pentecost happens to be the second of three great feasts of God. It comes seven weeks or 50 days after Passover. It is also referred to as Shavuot in the Hebrew or the feast of weeks. 

For the majority of believers today, Pentecost is recognized as the birth of the Church. When the fire came down in the upper room and fell upon the minds of the apostles and they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. (Ref. Acts 2:2-4) However there was a first Pentecost or Shavuot, that took place in the book of Exodus. It was here the Lord called Moses to come up and the tablets were given on Mt. Sinai. In this event the Lord manifested and His Glory came down upon the mountain in smoke and fire. The mountain shook violently and the voice of a trumpet sounded as God spoke. (Ref. Exo 19:18-19)

Pentecost has always been a marker for God moving and speaking. Recently, a prophetic word from Lana Vawser was released about what the Lord was showing her regarding this passed Pentecost and the significance. Calling it, “A major shift in time for the MANIFESTATIONS OF HIS MAJESTY”. The Lord showed her the Spirit of God coming in such intensity upon His people and in His house, and the fire of God coming at a level that has never been experienced. Are the events happening now in the world the beginning of this great fire of God being ready to be released?

Vawser said two major things were highlighted to her: Restoration of sight and Tenderness of heart. The Lord is going to restore eyesight where it has been lost or hazy. It’s not physical eyesight, but one of spiritual sight. Intense encounters of the Lord are going to leave many with increased insight and understanding of the wisdom of God. Scripture tells us that the people were often rebuked for having eyes but not seeing and ears that didn’t hear. (Ref. Jer 5:21, Eze 12:2, Isa 6:10, Matt 13:15, Rom 11:8) 

Jesus told His disciples, “Blessed are your eyes because they do see, and your ears because they do hear” because they were given the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom. (Ref Matt 13:16, 11) The disciples were given spiritual knowledge that the others didn’t receive. It is for this reason that Jesus taught in parables, He knew they didn’t understand what He was truly saying. Many today are reading the Word at face value and not seeing the true meaning in scripture. They believe they know Jesus, the Word, the Truth, but sadly they just know words and not His true nature or character. Which is why we see so many believers unable to bear the fruit of Christ in their lives. 

The prophetic word declares there is coming: “A BURNING CONVICTION FOR THE DECLARATION OF TRUTH.” Hallelujah! Many are going to receive an intense fire of God that they will declare His Truth without fear and with boldness. The prophets of the Old Testament carried this truth and intensity. Elijah challenged 850 false prophets at Mt. Caramel and the fire of God came down. (Ref. 1Ki 18:24) Ezekiel prophesied to the valley of dry bones and breathed life into them (Ref. Eze 37:7) Isaiah saw the Lord and once he received the burning coal, he was sent out to declare the message. (Ref. Isa 6:6-10) Daniel was bold enough to tell King Nebuchadnezzar the interpretation of his dream. (Ref. Dan 2:31-44) 

This declaration of Truth is not for the man-pleasing spirit that has crept into the Church. This is for those who carry a God fearing spirit and are not willing to compromise. They want to declare the truth of His heart and His love. They have been given to know the secrets and mysteries or the symbolic understanding of the Word. They understand the weight and responsibility they carry. They have counted the cost of battle and have surrendered all to follow after. 

An increase in the anointing and deeper revelation of what God is doing is coming to those who are crying out to Him. These manifestations are only coming for those who are humbling themselves and drawing close to His heart. Those who are poised in expectation and hunger for His presence. Get prepared! The time of the upper room has been upon us and the sound of a rushing, violent wind is about to fill the house. The fire is falling, and revival is going to sound on the earth. The King of Glory is coming with power!

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