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Origen: Genesis

In this explosive message, Pastor Michael Petro reads from Origen’s Homily on Genesis to reveal the creation of the heavenly realm. All of the days of creation have a spiritual and physical side and eternity is based on our ability to discern the spiritual understanding from the physical. It all starts with sowing a seed, which is the Word being sown into us. John 1 says “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God…” he is really opening scripture to reveal Genesis 1 for us. The Word always was, it pre-existed creation. Day one is really eternity. The firmament was created to separate the heavenly from the earthly or carnal things. It is up to us to break through those firmaments in our mind. Once that veil is removed we can put on the incorruptible or glorified body. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!