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Prophetic Voices Declaring a Literal Pentecost 2020 coming!

In this message we see four prophetic voices coming together with separate words, to confirm the time we are in. A time of approaching the end time promise, where the church is moving toward the mightiest outpouring this planet has ever seen – an outpouring of the Holy Ghost so mighty that the glory of the Lord is going to fill the body to enable it to walk in the fullness of Him.

Tim Sheets, James Goll, Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets all agree that we are stepping into a time where the Kingdom of God is going to begin to change the course of world events. We are at the time of adoption into sonship, a time of crossing over into a new inheritance entering into the Promised Land. Pentecost 2020 is being seen as a literal Pentecost, the time of activation, the ‘Pentecost of Pentecost’s’.

It was Pentecost some three and a half thousand years ago when Moses walked up Mount Sinai into the fire to go and receive the Ten Commandments from God. It was at Pentecost two thousand years ago when the Holy Spirit and cloven tongues of fire fell upon the 12 in the upper room to birth the church. This year, 2020 Pentecost is forecast to be the time for a new anointing to be poured out on the true ekklesia – a bigger anointing than ever seen before on earth to birth a new movement and a new breed of Christianity which will move into a higher level of governing authority, in order to rule and reign on earth and move into the harvest of the nations. A move that will change history.

Five keywords to set the stage are Repentance, Reset, Recalibration, Recovery, and Restore. Now is the reset period. The nations are currently being threshed in a manner that will cause a recalibration and realignment. We are told that the church will be the hardest hit in its ability to adjust to the new normal on the other side of what is happening right now. We are entering into a time of ups and downs which will resemble a rollercoaster. The church will need to tighten its belt, which is to say, gird up its loins or, seek and hold onto truth above all else and all current understandings.

Now is the first time since Moses in Egypt that Passover occurred under both quarantine and a plague. It is a time to turn aside and stop as Moses did, time to turn and see the burning bush. Time to slow down and hear the voice of the Lord. He has much to say about this new era. New wine is about to be served and new wineskins are required; meaning, the understanding of doctrine in the church is about to enter a shift and if you do not shift with it, you will be left behind.

These four voices certainly point toward exciting times and a major move of God. We encourage you to study to show yourselves approved, learning to rightly divide the Word of truth and understand how to divide the soul and spirit, the light from the darkness, the upper waters from the lower waters. Free resources can be found here:

Speakers: Tim Sheets

                 James Goll

                 Chuck Pierce

                 Dutch Sheets

                 Cindy Jacobs


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