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Revival Next Door

Shalom VOH family,

We have an awesome testimony to share about the Lord’s intentionality and faithfulness. Recently, one of our members reported a powerful testimony which reminds us of the faithfulness and providence of the Lord. The story begins weeks ago at a Let Us Worship event in Corona Del Mar, CA. This happens to be the location where the Jesus People movement broke out in the 60’s, a scene of revival where many gave their hearts to the Lord. There was a traveling concert going on where a number of our members went to be a part and experience what the Lord wanted to release. Many people were touched and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit by the prayers of our saints. Some of our members met people at the event where they prayed for them and got the chance to minister to them about the revelation of the Word. This resulted in some of them coming to the ministry to experience the impartation in a deeper way. This event resulted in one of our worship leaders going to the next event in Texas to sing in the concert. One of the sisters that our people met at the event was Jessie, who has just joined the ministry along with her children. She was so touched by the experience that she had with our members that she wanted more. She ended up coming to church and felt the presence of the Lord as the Word was being released. Soon after, she decided that this was the place for her to continue and accelerate in her relationship with the Lord. This proved to be a divine appointment as she lives in Canyon Lake, which is about 20 minutes from our church location in Winchester, CA. But this was only the beginning of what the Lord had been preparing her for and orchestrating in her life. 

Fast forward to the following week. One of our leaders, JayR Salenga, was driving down the road on the way to his house in Canyon Lake and noticed Jessie’s son riding his bike near his street. Surprised, he pulls over and asks if he recognizes him as he met him for the first time on Sunday. With surprise, he answered yes. As they continue talking, JayR asks where Jessie’s son lives and he turns to point to one of three houses in a rural area of Canyon Lake right next to JayR’s house. Turns out our new sister has been living directly next door to JayR this whole time. This is a huge testament of the Lord’s faithfulness and intentionality to divinely orchestrate His plan in the lives of His people. It took our members travelling all the way down to Corona Del Mar for us to realize that there was a remnant right next door. 

This should cause us to reflect on how we can be used to make a difference in someone’s life just by being available to speak to them and allow the Lord to minister and unfold his divine purpose. As you read this testimony, position yourself to be used, for the harvest is coming in quickly.

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