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Revival | Robin Martyr

I don’t know much about revivals; I’ve never been in one before and neither have I ever really studied about the past revivals. I’ve just heard a lot about them. The things that took place and how all the leaders of the previous revivals spoke about the last and greatest revival of all that would soon come. We’ve been pressing, interceding and praying for the last move of God to break out and we’ve had ideas about what it may look like and how it may happen. But those were just our own conclusions, and we were never really certain what it may look like.

Our Apostle, Michael Petro received a Word that revival would break out and would break through our intercession group which had very recently been formed at that time. Interestingly, every previous revival started because of intercession. In fact, no move of God happened without a deep cry in the hearts of the people and faithful intercession. In fact, x says

“Nothing can be birthed in our lives without prayer and intercession.” Origen Spirit & Fire

So this Word seemed right on point with history and scripture. 

Years went by of faithful, committed, and dedicated intercession for many things, one of the main things of course being this last move of God to go forth. Our spiritual Father Apostle Michael Petro had always warned us that the move of God was coming but recently he began to mention more and more that we are right at the brink of it and honestly you could feel things were changing. Not just the obvious changes taking place in the outside world but within the spiritual atmosphere of our church. Things slowly begin to intensify in our intercession meetings. Words begin to go forth about people stepping into higher realms of intercession and prayer and surely enough not long after as prophesied, peoples prayers begin to take a shift. It’s like all of a sudden something opened up in certain people, and they begin to pray from a different place. From a place of understanding, deeper conviction and a True cry of God within, for His children. 

The words from our intercession leader pastor Greg began to come to pass very quickly. He would say it and it would happen! Staying committed and dedicated, pressing into prayer and interceding day after day and week after week. One night a very serious and sobering Word was released; a Word that 3 of our sisters who attended the intercession meetings would “give birth”. A spiritual birth of some really massive things, and they needed to get ready. He also said that the Lord was going to release the move of God from this intercession group, reiterating what the other prophet had spoken over the group years before, but we hadn’t tied the “birthing’s” and the last move of God to each other. 

The presence of the Lord began to intensify meeting after meeting, until a particular night where we were told to gather around the 3 sisters who had received the words about “Giving birth” and pray for them. When we all gathered around them and began to pray you could feel something was getting ready to happen, the presence of the Lord intensified very strongly, it surrounded ALL of us as we surrounded our sisters and began to pray intensely. All with one heart, in unity and in one accord. You could feel the unity amongst us all. As we prayed, the 3 began to travail from intense spiritual birth pains and not long after we felt a POWERFUL release suddenly shoot through the room. It was like something just broke and the mighty presence of God shot throughout and passed right through our being and everyone in the circle was pushed backwards and all fell out on the floor slain in the spirit. In that moment something got dispersed, something got released, something shifted and changed for good! 

This was not the presence of the anointing that everyone had grown accustomed to in our ministry, that was already strong. This was a release of power and dispensation of the Spirit that we had NOT felt before. We couldn’t control ourselves in this at all but LOST total control. Screaming, laughing, travailing, shaking, jerking, having uncontrollable outbursts of utterances and speaking in new tongues nonstop. People could not walk, could not move. It was something we’d never felt before. Power had been released at a level we had not experienced previously. 

The intercession meetings from this point forward were dramatically changed! The “birthing’s” that were prophesied would take place had happened. But I don’t think any of us knew the true magnitude and importance of what actually got birthed. 

Meetings followed where the power of God’s presence was so intense you could not stand in it, just walking through the door you would collapse under this weighty and profound power. People would get stuck in one place groaning, jerking, and shaking on the floor for hours like as if a current of strong electricity was running through their body constantly. People screaming and convulsing, burning up as if they were set on fire. Every meeting everyone would be laid out as if a bomb went off in the room. The Lord revealed to us that what had been “birthed” in the room that day was indeed the last revival! The start of the biggest harvest and movement of God the world had ever seen but it was more than just revival. What was birthed was the very last and final move of God, the restoration of all things (ref. Acts 3:21, Rom 8:22). We had moved past the anointing and what we were experiencing now was the release of the actual glory of God, birthed in an infant form meaning it was just a small increment of His Glory, because that’s all we would be able to handle at that time.

People did not understand what was going on and what they were seeing and some who faithfully attended the intercession meetings via live stream from around the world even got scared and stopped tuning in. Nobody ever saw the things that were happening in our meetings before, but it was a new thing the Lord was doing (ref. Isaiah 43:19). Our intercession leader pastor Greg told us not to doubt what is happening, don’t be scared, this is the next move of God. He said that what had just been birthed in these intercession meetings would move into our entire church that Sunday when we entered the tent and began to worship. He said do not worry about what you look like, don’t be afraid of what people will think, let the Lord move and it will break out! This is exactly what happened that following Sunday. Worship began, and one after another, people began to be slain in the spirit. Falling out wailing, screaming to God, shaking as if they were on fire, jerking uncontrollably and speaking in new tongues. Some were singing and laughing and dancing out of control. Our church has never seen this before. 

Our spiritual father Apostle Michael recognized what was happening, he got on microphone and began to speak and explain to those who were observing what was happening. He said

“I haven’t seen this in 20 years. I know what this is. This is revival breaking out!”

He said do not be scared, enter into it. Do not doubt this or the Lord will pass you by, do not judge this or a curse will fall on you, this is God moving! He then began to lay hands on those who were still standing and one after another they went out and began to experience the same things. Everyone was out and all you could hear was wailing, groaning, travailing, crying, singing, laughing, but most of all it was the power of God that you could feel consuming everyone’s entire being with His fiery presence. This went on and on as Apostle Michael continued to assure everyone that this was God and explain what was happening. 

Things settled down and we gathered ourselves and took our seats as instructed as it was time to receive the Word. Apostle Michael began to teach and the message that day happened to be on the exact topic we were experiencing, revival! Within 4 to 5 hours the powerful and eye-opening message came to an end but something was in the air, you could feel service was not quite over. Apostle Michael called sister Ana up to pray who was one of 3 sisters who had originally gotten the Word about giving birth. Ana was still twitching and jerking under the power of God from the outbreak earlier, struggling to walk towards the podium. Apostle Mike asked her the question

“Tell them what’s going on with you? Tell them what’s going on with you”

She says,

“it’s the holy Spirit, I can’t control it”.

Apostle says

“You see this? The last time I saw this was 20 years ago… This is revival! He then asked “Who wants this? Come to the front and let Ana pray and lay hands on you”

The congregation rushed to the altar. 

Ana began to speak in tongues and as soon as she began to lay hands on people they began to scream as if they were set on physical fire! They hit the ground and started to yell, scream, and shake. She laid hands one after another and the same thing happened to everyone. Apostle Michael affirmed again

“This is the power of God, do not be scared, this is God!”

People were being laid out yelling at the top of their lungs on the floor. Ana began to make her way to me and it was my turn to be prayed for. Ana laid hands on me and it felt like a bolt of lightning struck my body! If you saw the way I shook, you would have thought that’s exactly what happened, as that’s exactly what it felt like. I have never shaken so violently in my entire life. When I hit the ground, which didn’t take long, it felt like my body was set on fire. But this fire was not painful, but it was powerful and so real. My insides felt like they were being burned out and I screamed from the fiery overwhelming sensation running throughout my inner being. All around me everyone was on the floor wailing and screaming from the same sensation. This was not anything we have ever felt before. This was God, this was His Glory, this was REVIVAL and the start of the last move of God!

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