Ruach Teachings

Being Sealed

The Word talks about two types of seals at the end; those being sealed by God and those who are marked by the beast. Many Christians are expecting a physical mark such as a computer chip, but it is not physical. In this important message with Kaila Espinoza, we will see that a seal speaks of a sign or mark through the covenant of circumcision in our hearts. God made a covenant with Abraham that those who kept the law were to be circumcised as a sign. Those who circumcise their hearts are the true Jew and part of this covenant. When we receive the spiritual interpretation of the commandments and see the law as spiritual, we destroy the beastly mark we were born with. Those being sealed by Elijah are the ones who are receiving the revelation which brings us closer to the image of God, while destroying the image of the beast. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!