Ruach Teachings


We often associate the term grace as God’s unmerited favor to us, and while this is true, only those who are willing to mix it with faith or action receive the grace. Men such as Noah and Moses found grace in the eyes of God through their obedience and sacrifice. In the new testament, grace was actually bestowed upon the apostles to give out because they had paid a price for it. In this teaching with Adam Cho, we can see that the term grace has widely been misused by the church. True grace isn’t the ability to do as we please, but it is the ability to receive the revelation of Christ from the apostles. Once the scriptures are revealed (grace) to us, we move on them (faith), and are able to walk out the Word (actions) to become transformed. It is a process we continually go through. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!