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Rapture or Glory?

Scripture tells us that we will meet Christ in the clouds; does this mean the church is going to be raptured or taken? If we look at God’s pattern, we don’t see the righteous being removed, but we do see the wicked removed. So where did this idea of being taken away come from? In this incredibly powerful teaching with Raymond McDowell, the deception of the false rapture theology and its origins are exposed, as well as the true plan for God’s remnant. The word remnant actually means to be left behind; it is those who remain to go through their persecution, and become prepared by the Spirit of Elijah to receive God’s glory. He wants the revelation of His Word planted in us to prepare us to receive Him. Find out how the Lord is truly coming, so you can ascend to meet Him in the clouds. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!