Ruach Teachings

The Hedge

A hedge is meant to protect what is inside. Biblically, a hedge was a sheepfold or corral that protected the flock of sheep. After the fall of Adam, God placed cherubim with flaming swords to hedge or guard/protect the way back to the tree of life. In this message with Vanessa Hayes, we see we are God’s flock, and He has appointed apostles to hedge us in. They protect our minds from the false doctrines, by revealing the mysteries and secrets of Scripture. Sheep who ventured outside the hedge, risked being lost, or death from another animal. When we leave the hedge of protection of the true fathers, we risk spiritual death that comes in the beastly or fleshly interpretation of the Word. Our minds must be hedged in by the crown of right understanding, which is Christ’s mind, in order to enter back into the garden. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!