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Sid Roth & Kevin Zadai | URGENT Prophetic Update


The Lord has given a prophetic word for our time through Kevin Zadai. Zadai has released many things of what is going on in our nation right now, with the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett and the increase in the exposure of many government officials and Hollywood stars.He goes on to say the glory is here and will only increase as His body, His church comes into unity, into the mind of Christ; the intercessors moving in His spirit will receive the outpouring of His glory. Zadai has released a powerful message to the church, but now we seek a true interpreter to unveil the righteous message hidden in this word.

Apostle Michael Petro has said the things that are unfolding and about to unfold in the earth are what is going to increase the glory of God.  When Zadai spoke of the events occurring and have occurred in this nation; this is speaking of the purging of the wickedness that has to be exposed in order to be removed. Glory in Hebrew speaks of a pressing, a breaking.  It also speaks of shining like a diamond.  Apostle Petro said the grace of God is the way we enter into all these things, and if we don’t understand the process or the power of grace, then we are not going to come into the understanding of the love of God.  The Lord doesn’t want to put things out of order.  He has given us order through the revelation of our Messiah, through the Apostles, through their disciples.  Just as the process of a diamond, there is a preparation of grace that we need to understand.

The fullness of God is His Glory. God is all righteous, pure and holy.  We would instantly be destroyed if He came through the veil in His fullness.  We need to be prepared, like the coal being pressed and beaten until the pureness and luminescence of the diamond is revealed.  We see that now in the earth.  As the wickedness is being exposed, the people are being unveiled to it and are now going through the healing process from being lied to and betrayed, by humbling themselves to search out and diligently press for the truth.  Through the truth, their thoughts and attitudes are changing. 

This is only a natural picture of what is happening to the body of Christ in the spirit.  Only through the revelation of the Word of God brings about a transfiguration.  The mind is renewed through receiving the seed of Christ by the dunamis power of the revelation.  This brings on a purification in our thoughts which then trickles down to correct our attitude, our speech and our actions.  The seed is the word and the word is our Lord, and the Glory is the Lord.  So the seed must also be the Glory.  Only through this process of revelation, His Grace, are we receiving droplets of His Glory until the vessels are at their fill.  This is also true intercession.  Praying and interceding with the words of life, the revelations, as we tap into the mind of Christ and release into the earth, to the dry bones, the words of life.


  • 2.) Apostle Reference: TR-101820 Grace and the Revelation with Apostle Michael Petro (8:57)

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