Ruach Teachings


Most of the church today has a misconception of sin. To the early church, sin was ignorance of the truth of God’s Word. When we are ignorant, our souls can’t be purified or cleansed and we give in to the vices of our flesh. The false teachers in the church tell us Jesus paid our debt at the cross and we’re not required to do anything for our salvation. If we continue in this deception, we stay slaves to Satan who accrues interest on our debt and we become numb from the sting of sin. Pastor Michael Petro delivers a powerfully important message for the times we are in and the redemption of our souls from debt. Jesus was nailed to the cross to bring the truth or wisdom. The light of wisdom takes the sting from us. The sign of the cross is the mark we strive towards. We need the revelation of God to pay off our sins and get out of debt.