Ruach Teachings

Spiritual Battles

The Lord wants us to come up higher in our understanding and relationship with Him. The closer we get to God, the harder the spiritual battles we face. The battles allow us to sharpen our discernment of good and evil as well as kill our carnal thinking. Origen says, “Within you is the battle you are to fight; your enemy comes from your own heart.” In this message, Alice Padilla reveals how demons are not always to blame for our sinning, they are the tools used to show us our weaknesses. Once we understand the tactics of the enemy we know how to avoid them and not fall into those temptations. As we gain revelation of the Word, we are better equipped to see the battles coming. To be a warrior in God’s army, we must always be ready for battle, strong in faith, and united in our minds to fight for those who are unable. Partner with us today to help bring the revelation of God’s Kingdom to the nations!