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Stand Up and Walk

Hi everyone. It’s not an uncommon event that at the command of God, through His prophets, the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, the dead are raised back to life, and all kinds of diseases are removed by the supernatural power of God. By the nature of the Word, supernatural (above the natural) we are experiencing what is not expected, what cannot be logically explained. That is our experience here at The Voice of Healing, and it is my privilege to report on some of the supernatural things that God is doing. It is escalating as we see the power of God manifesting. Why? In Mark 16:17, Jesus tells His disciples that:

“these signs will accompany those who believe.”

Therefore, His Word is Truth and He is the Word, and the supernatural is manifesting. 

One of those amazing signs is the story of Michael J. He is a 57 year-old gentleman who had high blood pressure, which resulted in a stroke, paralyzing the right side of his body to the point where he could not perform activities of daily living (ADLs). For seven years he was aphasic, meaning he could not talk, due to the effect of the stroke. He required constant care, which has been lovingly provided. Prior to, he had a severe heart attack that weakened his heart and his ejection fraction (the amount the heart squeezes out with each beat) was around 20 – 25%; the lower end of the normal range is approximately 55% with 80% at the upper end. He also had many other diagnoses, which included seizures from the previous stroke and much more.

Michael J recently presented to the hospital with an acute heart-attack and had stents (in his heart vessels) due to the blockages. He returned to the hospital two days later with hypoxia (low oxygen levels in his blood), fluid on his lungs, and was gravely ill requiring Intensive Care admission. He was placed on a ventilator and his prognosis was poor. His caregiver, Rachel, is a member of Voice of Healing and she reached out for prayer from our staff. Prophets Greg and Cathy Schultz of the Voice of Healing knew Rachel and began to pray for Michael J. The miraculous happened because the Apostolic power to do these signs manifested. 

It is the preparation of the soul that comes as the Early Church taught: through three and half years of study until a transformational change takes place in the person, so that their character and function is like Christ. That is what went from prophets Greg and Cathy to Michael J. So, from death to life.  After prayer Michael was removed from life support, he is now speaking, sitting, walking and talking after not being able to do those things for seven years. This is a re-creative miracle! This is a part of the restoration Jesus spoke about would happen in Matthew 17:11 and 19:28.

There was a paralytic man spoken of in Acts 3:1-8 who had not used his legs for 46 years and was able to walk and leap after Peter and John prayed for him; it is supernatural! There was another man at Bethesda, unable to walk for thirty-eight years, and the prophetic Word spoken by Jesus healed him (ref John 5:2-9). Jesus is the same! He does not change (ref Heb 13:8) and He said greater works (ref Rev 2:19) we, His church, will do. 

Michael J is not only walking and talking, but is a testimony to the power of the Word, Jesus, who transformed the heart of Apostle Michael Petro, who then transformed the hearts of Prophets Cathy and Greg Schultz. The Word spoken from their pure hearts raised the dead, healed Michael J’s brain and reversed the curse. Jesus is doing it again: “Arise and walk”!

Until next time, 

I’m Dr Roni


  1. Amplified Version of the Bible

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